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The Millennials' Guide to Finding a Job









If you’re a new job seeker and anxious about what’s to come, dont be. You've dedicated your whole life to preparing for a career - look forward to what's to come and look back on all your accomplishments. The traditional hiring process has gone by the way side and employers now look to "hire for the future". In other words - companies  are looking for candidates that stand out with confidence, thoughts, solutions, and the excitement to learn.  

As you embark on the job seeking journey, keep the Millennials' Guide to Finding a Job handy to help you identify your career path:

1. Take a (calculated) risk.

You graduated - you got your degree - you are set on taking a career in the field you majored in. Sound about right? 

Well, I would hate to throw a wrench in your plans but I'll argue now is the time to take a risk! Maybe it’s an internship with Jimmy Fallon, traveling the world, or volunteering for a political campaign. You must experience the world and explore your personal aspirations before devoting yourself to a specific career. These experiences will help you define what you actually want to do. 

Ask yourself: What is that one thing you’ve been itching to do, but haven’t had the opportunity?

2. Know what you DON'T want to do.

Make a list of things you don't enjoy that you've experienced in previous jobs, classes, or interactions. This will help weed out the endless list of career possibilities and help to steer your in the right direction.

Ask yourself: What are the top five things you DON'T want to do in a job?

3. If the shoe doesn’t fit, it never will!

On average, 30% of our life is spent working, so don’t force a career onto yourself, rather find a way of life that aligns perfectly to you. Try not to be persuaded by the salary, job title, or brand name. I’d be lying if I said this never happened to me, but with the right advice, I realized there is A LOT more to consider than the pay check:
         - Company culture, values, mission, and work-life integration.
         - An opportunity that fosters your growth and development.
         - Exposure to a window of career paths, job functions, and responsibilities.
The opportunity for you to build connections with thought leaders and community influencers.

Ask yourself: How is this career preparing you for future endeavors? Are you able to whole-heartedly back everything the company stands for?

4. Look beyond your degree.

Regardless of what's on your diploma, it's okay to look at jobs beyond the scope of your degree.

When it comes to finding the perfect fit, the most important factor to take into consideration is where your background meets your personality. If you bring the right attitude, ethics, and the enthusiasm to learn, a forward thinking company is likely to adjust the position to reflect a balance between the company’s needs and the right fit for you.

Ask yourself: Where does your background intersect with your personality?

This is not the end.

If you take these points into consideration, you're likely to find yourself in a satisfying role. But, just because you’ve accepted a full-time position with a company doesn’t mean you’re locked in for life. It’s going to take time, patience, long-winded projects, mistakes, and many conversations before you identify your “end goal.” Millennials are likely to experience 15 to 20 jobs before retirement!  So if you didn't believe me at first, don't stress. Take one day at a time,  you’ve got a long road ahead.


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