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Be Thankful for Rockstar Coworkers This Thanksgiving

Posted by SelectOne

 Seinfeld fans will recognize this as Newman fantasizing about a butter-soaked Kramer-turkey hybrid.  Each Thanksgiving, you’re undoubtedly bombarded with unsolicited advice on what you ought to be thankful for.  Friends, family, health, happiness, success, et al.  
But allow me to suggest another faction likely to improve your quality of life on a daily basis without the trite holiday recognition: Rockstar Coworkers.  You know who I’m talking about.  
They make the lives of everyone around them – staff, peers, bosses – easier on virtually every front.  But do you qualify as a Rockstar Coworker?  It’s not just as simple as being really good at your job.  Do you:
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Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Posted by John Baldo


Welcome to SelectOne Search. For 10 years, we have been the Right Choice for so many different people and companies throughout WNY.

Thanks for letting us try to help you find the right career path or for helping your company identify the right person to fulfill your team. We care about what we do and how our actions positively impact you. Every person on our team shares this fundamental sentiment and they work hard every day to try to bring the best possible service and outcome for you because after all, our business has everything to do with bringing together People.

I’m sure many have wondered what exactly The Right Choice means and why we use this tag line to brand our firm. It certainly implies “If you use us, you will make the right choice” but it goes much deeper than that outcome and aims to convey a state of mind and principle that governs all of our actions. Everything our company does and every action we take has the aim to do the right thing, take the correct path and win, lose or draw, make the right impact on those we assist. This is our commitment to you and will always be the center of who we are.

Thanks for reading and stay posted to our thought leaders who will be offering great advice and thought provoking topics for your reading enjoyment.

John Baldo/Partner

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