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About SelectOne

Fill isn't the same as fit. SelectOne is a professional recruiting firm that applies smarter hiring practices to connect companies with the best talent to help them grow and flourish.

Focus & Philosophy

SelectOne is a recruiting company whose mission it is to connect companies with the talent they need to grow their business. We specialize in finding candidates that bring value, strategy and dynamic leadership to our clients’ companies. We know how to find these people for our partners because our own team and knowledge is the result of the same service we provide.

With more than 75 years of industry experience and a vast, diverse network, our specialized team is proficient in recruiting nationally across multiple industries for all professional and leadership positions. Our goal, purpose and passion lie with helping our clients find employees that will transform their business and take them to the next level.

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Filling vs. Fitting

Today’s market demands companies get their hiring right the first time. It’s estimated the cost of a bad-hire can equal up to 30% of the annual salary of a position. SelectOne’s recruiting process is designed to reach and evaluate the best candidate, while minimizing wasted resources for our clients. 

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Depth & Discovery

A key component of our process is an in-depth pre-search discovery phase, which goes beyond the job description to understand the culture, needs and strategies of a company. This coupled with a scientific approach to candidate selection, evaluation, and access to our SelectOne team with first-hand industry knowledge creates a truly exceptional hiring experience.

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Our recruiting process is optimized to work across multiple industries and meet the needs of early stage to enterprise companies. Every search we conduct is aligned to each company’s specific goals and strategy, we use an in-depth Discovery Phase to fully understand what is required for each position.

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Unlike other assessment tools that tend to provide only data on personality styles, JobFit provides a much more accurate prediction of the candidate’s likelihood for success as it relates to their specific position.

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We exist to deliver only the most highly-engaged and qualified candidates to your organization. Request a consultation with us to talk about how to find your next difference-maker.

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