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Welcome to SelectOne Search. For 10 years, we have been the Right Choice for so many different people and companies throughout WNY.

Thanks for letting us try to help you find the right career path or for helping your company identify the right person to fulfill your team. We care about what we do and how our actions positively impact you. Every person on our team shares this fundamental sentiment and they work hard every day to try to bring the best possible service and outcome for you because after all, our business has everything to do with bringing together People.

I’m sure many have wondered what exactly The Right Choice means and why we use this tag line to brand our firm. It certainly implies “If you use us, you will make the right choice” but it goes much deeper than that outcome and aims to convey a state of mind and principle that governs all of our actions. Everything our company does and every action we take has the aim to do the right thing, take the correct path and win, lose or draw, make the right impact on those we assist. This is our commitment to you and will always be the center of who we are.

Thanks for reading and stay posted to our thought leaders who will be offering great advice and thought provoking topics for your reading enjoyment.

John Baldo/Partner

Blog Facts

Who should read this blog? Individuals and companies who want to be informed on the rapid changes in the local, regional and national employment market as it impacts them.

What will SelectOne Search blog about? Our purpose is to inform, educate and engage you in relevant recruiting industry trends, professional growth strategies, organizational development, team building best practices, market intelligence and wide ranging personal development ideas from leading experts in and out of the recruitment field.

How often will we blog? 1-2 times per week unless you demand more from us! What we promise is to try to deliver meaningful ideas that will enrich you in some way.

About SelectOne Search

OK you’re here so we must outline our very brief, shameless commercial to explain our services:

We were founded in 2005 by Ron Faso and John Baldo, 2 search executives who initially began to work together in 1998. Ron is a big 4 CPA born and raised in Buffalo, NY and John is a veteran of the field with 32 years of recruiting experience born and raised in Buffalo, NY. In 2012, Sam Russo, big 4 CPA, become a partner of the firm and he too was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Today, the firm has 18 employees with broad experiences in search and industry (Please see the About page on our website to learn more about our awesome team). Not only is our group really smart, they pretty much rock every day and you will have a great experience working with them.

Lines of Service 

We offer the following search services:

  • Executive Retained Search – our most exhaustive and high level direct hire search, for filling executive, director, and business unit leadership roles
  • Engaged Search – for filling niche skilled management, senior management and director level roles
  • Professional Contingent Search – for filling a wide range of professional roles, entry level through management
  • Project & Contract Staffing – we take on project ownership responsibility or components of highly technical or specialized projects leveraging interim labor through our network
  • Temporary Staffing – we provide ad hoc, just-in-time staff resources to fill specific client needs

Currently, we serve companies headquartered or with operations in the Western New York area; however, we have the firepower to reach regionally and nationally beyond Buffalo for our clients when search needs and projects warrant. All of the search services described above are offered across the following niche skill areas:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Engineering & Technical Operations
  • Information Technology

Our recruiting teams are organized by the above niche skill areas; this enables our recruiters to deeply focus on building relationships with candidates and prospects in their respective skill area.  Additionally, we have the ability and experience filling corporate and business unit roles that don’t fit neatly into those focused skill areas, including sales/marketing and human resources, We don’t restrict our practice to servicing specific industries or sectors.  Although, we do have substantial experience serving financial services and banking, advanced manufacturing, business services, government, not-for-profit, health care, insurance, start ups and early growth companies.

What Sets Us Apart?

Whether we are the 2 person shop of 2005 or 50 eclectic professionals in 2020 working in the heart of Larkinville, our credo will always be the same: Do the Right Thing and Hire Exceptional People. Period. If we get this right we will be doing what you expect and then going way beyond that to create an experience that is special, real and enduring. Our lives are inextricably tied to this impulse and mission. Stop by, read our other posts or simply reach out to one of our great people - you’ll immediately see the difference.   

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