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Moonlighting: Is Working Multiple Jobs the New Norm?

Posted by Marissa Faso


As I sit in my parent’s living room, watching 13 Going on 30, marking up my fall calendar with personal and professional obligations, one reoccurring trend is my financial stability.

I recently graduated with my Masters and with that comes a bill, a big bill. Between my 9-5 job and networking events, I am also coaching JV field hockey, and planning babysitting dates all to pad my pockets and gain new experience.

To no surprise, I am not the only recent grad experiencing such emptiness in their pockets. A Bureau Labor of Statistics survey revealed the main reasons for people holding more than one job (aka moonlighting) is as follows:

  • To earn extra money – 35.4%
  • To meet expenses or pay off debt – 27.8%
  • Pure enjoyment of a second job – 17.4%
  • To build a business or gain experience – 4.6%
  • Other reasons – 12.5%

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How to Brand Your Company as a World-Class Employer

Posted by Kevin Kerl

World-class employer—you’ve heard the term, but what does it mean? To start, it is a way employers can set themselves apart from the rest and be a company where anyone would be proud to work.

Many employers brand themselves as world-class, but not all live up to the promise. More than just a branding strategy, it is a set of expectations every employee must follow and a foundation on which a company is built. Companies can’t simply call themselves world-class; it must be a company-wide commitment to excellence.

But how do you truly become a world-class employer? Here are the steps you must have in place.

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What Not To Do In the First 90 Days

Posted by Marissa Malone

The dating process has been long and daunting, but you've finally found "the one."

Now is the time for you to meet your new colleagues, charm your new boss, and jump into the rhythm of your role all while making a great first impression. It's the first 90-days that matter most and determine your future with your new employer as 20% of employee turnover takes place within the first 90-days. The first day on the job comes with a mix of emotions, but here's a couple tips to give you a leg up in gracing your new peers and set yourself up for a long road of sucess.

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Best and Worst Employee Traits for Workplace Hires

Posted by John Baldo

interview-new-hires.jpgWe all want to bring the best people to our team. Potential candidates must be knowledgeable and skilled in their position, but it’s equally important that they fit in the company culture and work well with others. Here are some of the best and worst employee traits and some that you should watch out for when hiring new team members:

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So You Failed the CPA Exam… Who Cares?

Posted by Bridget Eimer


It is a widely known fact within the accounting profession, that passing the CPA exam is no easy feat, it is a lesser known fact why that is. According to the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the passing rate in 2015 ranged from 46-56%, depending on the exam section. In fact, in 2013, 2014, and to-date in 2016, the passing rates have all been between 44-56%. While The AICPA remains hush-hush on their scoring policies, it doesn’t take a statistician, or an accountant for that matter, to figure out that they have set the curve so approximately only half of all the candidates taking the exam will pass. What if all of the world’s smartest accountants converged so that only the sharpest CPA candidates sat for the exam within the same testing window? Would the passing rate soar up to 80-90% in that quarter? Nope.  The AICPA has that bell curve so well managed and slick that even Taylor Swift’s PR team would have trouble helping her to stay on the right side of it.

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5 Tips for Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

Posted by Marissa Malone

Have you ever felt like your personal life was hoisted on the high end of a seesaw and your work was the heavy end, refusing to let up? We’ve all been there. As employees with strong work ethics, we all walk a fine line between living a fulfilling personal life and succeeding at work (all while enjoying it).

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When the Domino's Begin to Fall

Posted by Tricia Sortisio


Did you ever stop to think of the impact your ideas or actions could have on you, your career and even those around you depending on the choices you make each day? What came to mind for me is the “domino theory” which suggests the occurrence of one event will cause a train of similar events to take place.

Entrepreneur Herb Morreale (CompSci ’91) concentrated his thoughts and ideas about how individuals can make an impact for the greater good into what he calls the “domino theory.”  Morreale states, “All it takes is one small strategic action to set big things in motion and align with the actions of others.

Our actions can set in motion a series of events that can make big changes.  So how is this accomplished?  Whether you are working toward a personal goal or you are involved in a project at work, your thoughts and your actions, if positioned properly, could become part of a “bigger picture.”  Here are a few tips to getting the dominos to fall in your favor.

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Reference Checks: To Do or Not To Do?

Posted by SelectOne


You have sorted through a pile of resumes, scheduled and conducted first, second, third and sometimes even a 4th round of interviews, and are finally ready to make that coveted candidate an offer. But wait – there is one thing left to check off the to do list – one that in the opinion of many is a completely useless task – the dreaded reference check!

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Recruiting for Cultural Fit

Posted by Aly Finkle


So you’ve crafted the perfect job description, prepped the team for best practices in interviewing, clearly defined the technical need for a position, and met with a slate of candidates, but something is missing. Tactically, the candidates you’ve met with can do the job, but you question if their attitude, work ethic, personality and values, align with your organization.  More often than not, pinpointing if a candidate will fit within the company culture is an ongoing pain point for organizations of all sizes.   

A strong sense of culture is the engine that keeps an organization powering forward. Company culture is the likelihood that someone will reflect and/or be able to adapt to core beliefs, and behaviors that constitute your organization.

Before you can adequately determine if a candidate is or is not a fit, you must first clearly be able to articulate your organizational culture. This means truly understanding what motivates your core company values and knowing what keeps existing employees motivated, fulfilled, and engaged.

The right skill set and experience is only one component of finding the perfect candidate. And because interviewing can be an imperfect process, there are multiple tactics to help bridge the gap between technical proficiency and the confidence that your next hire will align culturally and morally with your team.

Here are some techniques to help you better determine if a candidate is an all-around fit:

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