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When the Domino's Begin to Fall

Tricia Sortisio
Fri, Sep 9, 2016


Did you ever stop to think of the impact your ideas or actions could have on you, your career and even those around you depending on the choices you make each day? What came to mind for me is the “domino theory” which suggests the occurrence of one event will cause a train of similar events to take place.

Entrepreneur Herb Morreale (CompSci ’91) concentrated his thoughts and ideas about how individuals can make an impact for the greater good into what he calls the “domino theory.”  Morreale states, “All it takes is one small strategic action to set big things in motion and align with the actions of others.

Our actions can set in motion a series of events that can make big changes.  So how is this accomplished?  Whether you are working toward a personal goal or you are involved in a project at work, your thoughts and your actions, if positioned properly, could become part of a “bigger picture.”  Here are a few tips to getting the dominos to fall in your favor.

  1. Begin with mindfulness. The final “domino” is our goal but it is no different than any of the other dominos. Focus on process not outcome.  Each domino is a journey and any can be removed, they are not set in stone. Take into consideration how you've benefited from your  journey thus far. 
  2. Positive Focus. This is about YOUR  choices. Deciding where to put your dominos is up to you and establishing when to place them is yours as well.  If you choose a positive path it can have an infectious positive spiral and others may be motivated and inspired by it.
  3. Mindful Approach. By focusing on the dominos at hand, rather than the final domino you are able to spend more time in the “now” rather than the future. Approach each goal with an open mind and interest. This will enable you to do a better job with the task at hand and improve your chances of success by living in the moment.
  4. Approach with Gratitude. When we change the “have to’s” to the “want to’s” we immediately become more grateful and less blameful.  When we place our focus on how to set up our dominos, we become more appreciative of the journey, the process and of other people.

So, what should you take from this?  In order for you to achieve more satisfaction and fulfillment in your life, focus on the path and task at hand. This may encourage you to learn more along the way.  Take a moment to step back and look at the big picture and remember to maintain focus on the positives, the process, and the journey!


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