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We’re off to see The (Wizard) Recruiter…

Posted by John Baldo


Leaving Kansas

Over the past 10 years, we have received hundreds of job orders from every imaginable industry and company with all types of hiring managers looking to solve a sudden, frightening problem: A key performer has resigned. 

These assignments come to us not unlike that infamous tornado that lifts Dorothy and Toto into Munchkinland – as a sudden destructive force that upends the world as they know it. I have absolutely no idea why this idea of the Wizard of Oz hit me last week other than to say the image of a slight humbug middle-aged man behind the curtain of a fiery all powerful façade popped into my middle-aged head as I listened to my panicked client implore me to get resumes to them ASAP.

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Don’t Let Compensation “Trick” You

Posted by SelectOne

Like it or not, compensation is still the primary factor in attracting and keeping the best employees.

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Search Firms: Why More Is NOT Always Better

Posted by SelectOne


We’re always looking for ways to increase engagement with our clients, such that they feel compelled to work with us over our competition.  But objectively speaking, there are specific reasons why it’s in the best interest of all parties to reduce the clutter of hyper-competition. 

Limit the number of search firms on the job.

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Coping with Rejection

Posted by Jason Weber


Searching for a job is a stressful and emotionally draining process with rejection being a large and frequent component. Rejection is something that everyone experiences during the course of their career but how you react to it defines you as a person. 

Did you wallow in your sorrows? Or did you shrug it off with a smile on your face thinking that you'll get them next time? Only you know the answer.

Most job seekers find rejection deflating especially if you’ve been on multiple job interviews, you’re unemployed, or you’ve been on the hunt for a considerable period of time. After finding out that a company isn’t interested in you, people often wonder “what did I do wrong?”,  “what’s the matter with me?”,  or “I’ll never find a job.” It’s not easy always being the bridesmaid but never the bride. But don't let it define you.

Use the following tactics to stay positive and focus on what you can do differently next time.

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How to Control Your #Social image

Posted by Aly Finkle


As social media continues to become the primary source of communication, it’s no surprise that hiring managers and recruiters are turning to the vast social ecosystem to gain a better understanding of a candidate beyond a resume or cover letter. For these reasons, it’s ever so important to be aware of your social presence and take full control of your online image.

Managing a Twitter page, posting a picture on Facebook and updating your LinkedIn profile, may seem like routine daily rituals, but what you publicize through your social network has a direct impact on how you are perceived by employers or recruiters.

Here are a few simple reminders on the importance of controlling your #socialimage:

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7 Things NOT to Do at Your New Job

Posted by Marissa Malone

The dating process has been long and daunting, but you've finally found "the one."

Now is the time for you to meet your new colleagues, charm your new boss, and jump into the rhythm of your role all while making a great first impression. It's the first 90-days that matter most and determine your future with your new employer as 20% of employee turnover takes place within the first 90-days. The first day on the job comes with a mix of emotions, but here's a couple tips to give you a leg up in gracing your new peers and set yourself up for a long road of sucess.

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Rise of the Rest & Rust Belt Resurgence

Posted by SelectOne

Innovation drove growth in cities like Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh in the late-1800s and early-to-mid-1900s.  Even today innovation is happening across the country in startup communities, with places like Silicon Valley and Austin grabbing the spotlight frequently. However, smaller communities like Buffalo are on the rise and being recognized on a national stage for the first time in a while

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