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7 Things NOT to Do at Your New Job

The dating process has been long and daunting, but you've finally found "the one."

Now is the time for you to meet your new colleagues, charm your new boss, and jump into the rhythm of your role all while making a great first impression. It's the first 90-days that matter most and determine your future with your new employer as 20% of employee turnover takes place within the first 90-days. The first day on the job comes with a mix of emotions, but here's a couple tips to give you a leg up in gracing your new peers and set yourself up for a long road of sucess.

  1. If you're on time, you're late. As my boss always tells me, "If you're on-time, you're late," and it's so true. It's important to account for “slippage time.” You know, the time right before you step out the door but can’t find your keys or forget your phone is plugged in upstairs which results in leaving the house 10 minutes later than planned? Plan for the “slippage” and don’t let it impact how others view you.
  2. Keep to yourself. Although you may be considered an expert in your field, you’re not yet an expert here. Your previous company is something of the past. Ask questions that will help you see the big picture to learn about the culture, product, processes, and most importantly the people around you. Schedule coffee or lunch with company experts and your new colleauges in order to get you up to speed and familiar with others. Don’t forget to listen—these professionals know the company better than you, for now.
  3. Negative Nancy. This is your opportunity to be the sponge. Listen and learn from your new co-workers before reinventing the wheel or even worse, stepping on others' toes. Showing others you’re interested in the well being of the company through questions and active listening will allow for others to be more welcoming to new ideas and recommendations.
  4. Take liberties with the dress code. Even if the company says they have a casual dress code, now is not the time to wear your vintage Jim Kelly jersey and short shorts to work. Dress for the position you want, not the position you have.
  5. Micromanage. If you are hired into a management role, chances are the people who report to you have already been doing their jobs for a while. Nobody wants a new manager crowding over his or her shoulder at every turn. Schedule weekly meetings with your direct reports to understand their work style preferences, needs, and preferred management style.
  6. Participate in office gossip or politics. Choosing sides in office politics is always risky and it’s always a lose-lose. You’re there to further the companies mission and nothing more, just don’t do it.
  7. Be scared. Change is intimidating, but just remember you’ve earned this job and you have the credentials to back it up. Take the time to understand the company values and those of the people around you. Go into it with confidence and you’ve got nothing to lose. 

Now you know how critical the first 90 days is to your personal success., take your time in preparing for your first day. There's no need to rush the relationship. You know what not to do on the new job, so go do what you were hired to do and just remember to take it one day at a time.

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