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The Upside to Quitting

Posted by SelectOne


As the saying goes: "Winners never quit and quitters never win."  Well, what if we thought of this a little differently.

As a recruiter, I encounter people on a daily basis who are open to explore new opportunities and quit their current job. There are a variety of reasons contributing to this life-changing decision including - culture, work/life balance, the next step in their career, salary, benefits, etc.

However, there are also multiple reasons that make people apprehensive or nervous to quit - such as: the fear of change, complacency, salary, and many other factors.

At ASA Staffing World 2015, I was introduced to the book, “Think Like a Freak” written by the authors Stephen J. Levitt and Stephen J. Dunbar.

One chapter in particular stuck out to me titled, “The Upside of Quitting.” This chapter covers several posed questions, experiments, and results surrounding the upside of quitting (whether it be your job, a habit, a relationship, or a project).

Through research and experimentation, Levitt and Dunbar found that a high percentage of those that quit found themselves to be happier. However, in order for someone to successfully quit they must overcome 3 biases that affect the human’s mentality to not quit.

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Will Technology Replace Recruiters?

Posted by SelectOne


Every time a new job board or search technology launches or becomes popular, the common refrain is about the pending doom of the staffing industry.

Years ago, job boards like Monster and Career Builder and other search technologies were touted by some as a death knell for search firms, since any company could search and contact candidates on their own. Then came LinkedIn, Indeed and many others.  And yet our industry is thriving, with search and placement revenue growing at an annual rate of 8%, but how is this possible?

It’s possible because job boards and search technology are missing one key component inherent to recruiters – the ability to compel action.   

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Getting Naked for Client Loyalty

Posted by Tricia Sortisio


If there was ever a book that makes vulnerability look appealing, it’s “Getting Naked: A Business Fable About Shedding the Three Fears That Sabotage Client Loyalty,” written by author, speaker, and management consultant, Patrick Lencioni.

But please don’t take it literally.  It’s definitely not what you think!

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Should You Hire Boomerang Employees?

Posted by Katie Whiting


The grass is always greener at a different company…right?


Job hopping has been an increasingly discussed trend in recent years due to the influx in number of Millennials that have entered the workforce. However, this trend is not aligned with what we are seeing across all demographics. In fact, US workers had an average job tenure of 4.6 years in 2014, up from 3.5 years in 1983.

So what is a company to do with these job hoppers, also known as boomerang employees, who have short job tenures, leave an organization for whatever reason, and desire to return at a later date?

Do you…

  • Allow them into the hiring process?
  • Formulate a policy that won’t allow any former employees into the hiring process?
  • Treat each individual on a case by case basis?

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Establishing a Workplace Vacation Policy

Posted by Aly Finkle

In an age of unlimited connectivity and 24-hour accessibility, time away from the office is a necessary temporary disconnect from the work world. It provides employees a chance to unwind and recharge.  Despite its importance, a surprising 25% of U.S. companies do not offer time off and 23% of Americans have no paid vacations or holidays.

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Drive Company Culture with Values and Purpose

Posted by SelectOne


Every company has a culture, including those that never even think about it.  

Most companies, and many executives and business owners, spend a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how to engineer the type of culture they think people will find appealing.  Far too often, architects of company culture focus on the peas and not the steak!

Specifically, perks, benefits, and unique differentiators, while helping to refine culture, don’t necessarily define it.

We’ve been humbled to have our employees rate SelectOne among WNY’s Best Places to Work in our market year after year; but this isn’t achieved by luck, rather, it’s by design driven by our company values and purpose. 

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How to Pass the CPA Exam

Posted by Charlie Hake


Did you know a Certified Public Accountant can earn between 5% and 15% more than their non-credentialed colleagues? This can work out to an additional $1 million or more of lifetime earnings!

Aside from the financial benefits, CPAs are always in demand, experience accelerated career development and can rely on job security.

Like any other esteemed designation, the CPA exam is, unfortunately, not easy.  The exam has a reputation for being one of the hardest professional exams that exist.  In fact, here are the 2015 pass rates per section:

  • Auditing and Attestation – 47.28%
  • Business Environment and Concepts – 56.48%
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting – 46.75%
  • Regulation – 49.43%

Don’t let these statistics discourage you! While every person prepares for exams differently, there is no official ‘roadmap’ to passing the exam, but here are some of the best practices that helped me pass.

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Networking for Introverts

Posted by Marissa Malone


For many, networking does not come naturally and for most, it does not feel natural. However, as everyone in the professional world says, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and when it comes down to it, 80% of today’s jobs are landed through networking.

Networking isn’t for everyone, but it can be with a few insider tips on how to take the pressure off and be your best self.

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Common Myths About the Accounting Profession

Posted by Jason Weber


Many of you probably believe that accounting is a boring career; dominated by socially inept male mathematicians who are well versed at doing your income taxes, offering limited strategic insight, and lacking any form of general charisma.

If you truly believe this, then you probably don’t know much about the industry.

Aside from these stereotypes and misconceptions, they do not reflect the reality of what it’s like to be an accountant in today’s business world. After 16 years of experience in the accounting search industry, I've viewed most accounting professionals to be personable, compassionate, strategic, and generally a pleasure to be around. 

In an effort to disqualify many of the misconceptions surrounding the accounting industry, check out the following list of the most popular myths:

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