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Giving Thanks in the Community

Posted by John Baldo


Every family has its own Thanksgiving traditions and for most of us, it boils down to getting the family together, sharing a spectacular meal and settling around the TV. Thanksgiving is a time for respite, joy and depending on the culture, partying Pagan style. Ultimately, the basic significance of Thanksgiving is an opportunity to gather together as a community.

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Alignment Lessons from Leeroy Jenkins

Posted by SelectOne


Alignment.  It’s a simple concept, but an important one; the extent to which it exists or doesn’t is often the most critical factor in whether or not a team succeeds or fails.

The battle cry “Leeroy Jenkins!” was made famous a few years back after a YouTube video of a group of friends playing the online role-playing game, World of Warcraft, went viral.  In the clip, the team is laying out an intricate strategy and tactical plan of execution for how they will defeat the many foes they are about to encounter in the next phase of the game.  All the while, one of their team members, Leeroy Jenkins (played by Ben Schulz), was away from his computer getting something to eat.  Upon his return, he simply shouts “Leeroy Jenkins” and darts into the room; his comrades, now startled by this sharp deviation from the plan, follow him in shortly thereafter where they are quickly vanquished.  CAUTION: the following video contains some profanity aka NSFW.

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The Workplace Germs Will Find You

Posted by Marissa Malone


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that healthier employees are more productive, but maintaining a clean bill of health is not easy when cold and flu season is on the rise.

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Reactionary Hiring vs. Opportunistic Hiring

Posted by SelectOne

Companies are constrained by cash flow, internal pay equity, headcount restrictions, rigid org charts, politics, and a myriad of other impediments.  All of these things make it impractical to hire unless there is a specific need, and even then, the focus must remain on finding the exact skill set and experience level, right?  Though these are very valid restraints that every company deals with, in our company we’ve found hiring to be much more successful when we focus on doing so opportunistically.

So what does this mean?

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Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone: What It Can Do For You

Posted by Tricia Sortisio


I recently encountered a young woman who relocated, out-of-state, for a new job. The combination of relocating and starting a new job caused a lot of stress and made her very apprehensive of this life transition. A suitable work climate made up for a lateral financial move.

After a few months in the new position she had a desire for a role with greater responsibility and around this time, a seemingly attractive management position opened within her company. With previous management experience under her belt she believed she was well equipped for this new position, but time was not on her side, as her tenure with the organization was brief.

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Startups Drive Job Creation in the New Economy

Posted by SelectOne

Q&A with 2015 43North Winner ACV Auctions CTO, Dan Magnuszewski

The rate of change is accelerating at a breakneck pace. As of Q3 2015, Facebook employed nearly 12,000 people and has a market cap approaching [gasp] $300 billion; ten years ago Facebook was being run out of a dorm room. Salesforce was founded 15 years ago and employs over 16,000 people, with a market cap in excess of $36 billion. I could go on to list more obvious tech companies even the least informed person would recognize – Uber, Tesla, Zynga, Twitter, Lyft, Instagram, WhatsApp – pointing out impressive job creation numbers and staggering valuations conjured in mere months and years, not decades or generations.

Five years ago in Buffalo the startup scene barely had a pulse. There were a few companies that had launched (Campus Labs and Liazon, notably, have gone onto very successful exits), but there were very few notable successful exits at that time (Synacor among them). With a rise in persistent, passionate community catalysts and successful serial entrepreneurs, the context for more frequent kinetic collisions was set in motion. Perhaps the largest manifestation of this evolving ecosystem is the 43North business plan competition, also known as the world’s largest business idea competition. The theory is that startups and high growth companies are fueling and increasingly driving economic prosperity.

The winner of the 2015 43North Competition was one of Buffalo’s very own, ACV Auctions.  ACV Auctions is a live wholesale marketplace for dealer-only automobile auctions. Conducted via a smartphone application, ACV creates liquidity for wholesale inventory (trade-ins and aged automobiles) 24 hours a day. An intuitive 5 minute process of snapping pictures and drafting a vehicle description launches an auction to 100's of registered buyers.

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Common Misconceptions About CPAs

Posted by Molly Hastrich

Accounting is an excellent field for career progression with unlimited opportunities. Unfortunately, TV and other media outlets portray accountants as boring, pocket protector wearing, cubicle occupants that love crunching numbers. 

As a Big Four alum, I have faced these misconceptions about CPAs myself, but there’s a lot more to the accounting profession than most know. Here are some of the top misconceptions about accountants:

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