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Giving Thanks in the Community


Every family has its own Thanksgiving traditions and for most of us, it boils down to getting the family together, sharing a spectacular meal and settling around the TV. Thanksgiving is a time for respite, joy and depending on the culture, partying Pagan style. Ultimately, the basic significance of Thanksgiving is an opportunity to gather together as a community.

A great way to give thanks this time of year is by volunteering and helping those less fortunate in your community. Recently, the SelectOne family volunteered for Habitat for Humanity Buffalo to help build a home on the east side of the city.

Rebuilding the East Side

IMG_1782.jpgOur 6 ½ hour shift was a solid, non-stop collaboration with community members from across Buffalo. During this experience, our site leader shared what Habitat means to him and why he chose it as his full-time vocation.

“The end goal of Habitat for Humanity is not about building a house; it’s about bringing people together to work on a common goal.”

And for the SelectOne family, working together for a common purpose was the reward we received that day. 

So on this day of celebration, thank you to all of the Habitat for Humanity volunteers for their contributions to the WNY community. Working hard, with a common purpose alongside people who aren’t afraid to make mistakes is a beautiful thing; an experience that is worthy to celebrate, commemorate and be thankful for on this day of giving thanks.


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