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The Power of No

Posted by SelectOne


I’ll bet when you woke up this morning, you didn’t expect to absorb pearls of business wisdom as learned from Meghan Trainor’s current billboard #3 pop hit, “No”. 

While not exactly a modern day Thoreau, she quips “No!” 67 times by my count (feel free to verify, as I refused to double check).  The basis of the song is Trainor’s character dancing with her girlfriends at a club, and articulating a strategy to thwart would-be male dance partners. 

But, not to be lost in the subtlety of her musical prose (note my intended sarcasm) is the impact this rejection likely has on hopeful suitors!  Every time she issues a blunt rejection, it can (and often does) heighten perceived desirability.  It’s also beautiful in its brevity and clarity.  And herein lies the analogy.

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Workplace Values and The Power of Peter Drucker

Posted by John Baldo


The word value is one of those big shouldered words we use in business today that is capable of bearing a lot of conceptual weight. On-line and in-conversation, the worthiness of a pursuit, be it cultural, empirical, organizational or aspirational, is legitimized by the value label. And this value has become the Swiss Army knife of constructs with numerous handy applications that can be used to enhance anything from selling a product, creating a software application, or investing your hard earned money.

The value concept is not something new. In fact, one of the leading management theorists of the 20th Century, Peter Drucker, wrote extensively about workplace values and its effects back in the WWII era. 

Value Expressions

Here are the most common workplace value expressions we encounter on a day-to-day basis and then we’ll go into how they relate to the key ideas of Drucker. 

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Buffalo Networking Events: July Edition

Posted by Marissa Malone

In one of my previous blogs, Networking for Introverts, I mentioned the fact that 80% of today’s jobs are landed through networking which stands as pretty good evidence to support the saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”
It’s been one year since I embarked on my exploration of professional organizations and networking events in the Buffalo-Niagara region and needless to say, there’s never a dull moment! Here are a few of my favorite organizations and upcoming Buffalo events well worth checking out!
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How to Bounce Back from Setbacks

Posted by Tricia Sortisio


Imagine it’s Monday morning and the weekend is officially over.  The previous work week left something to be desired and you are determined to make this week feel like a new beginning. All it takes is a positive attitude and you’ve got this. You’re ready to hit the ground running! 

Then, the unthinkable happens.  You arrive at work and your boss greets you at your desk to tell you the contract you’ve put your heart and soul into is going to be cancelled. You sit down, coffee in hand, look at your computer screen and say to yourself, “This cannot be happening. I don’t need this right now!"

Regardless of whether it hits you on a personal or professional level, we've all experienced that moment when we wonder, “What is this all for and is it really worth it?” 

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How and Why Companies Fail at Hiring

Posted by SelectOne

man-person-street-shoes.jpgWe interact with many companies more concerned about finding the “right” person for important vacancies on their teams rather than identifying and impacting things more directly within their control

Modern day hiring is all about using data and information to increase the likelihood of successful outcomes, accountability and expectations, and connecting the dots from daily role contribution to organizational vision, mission, and purpose. 

It’s less about turning over the right rock to find a “perfect” person and skill set. 

So then, how and why do companies fail at hiring?

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Why Employer Branding is a Must for CEO's [VIDEO]

Posted by Aly Finkle

Screenshot_2016-06-13_14.32.12.pngAs leading organizations fight for top talent, employer branding is an increasingly important function of recruiting the best and brightest professionals. A company can attract better and more qualified applicants as well as retain current key employees by developing an effective brand image

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The Power of Intuition in the Workplace

Posted by SelectOne


Have you ever had a gut feeling about something and couldn’t explain why you needed to do what you did, but in the end you found yourself happy because you listened to your inner voice? 

That’s your intuition, it’s a powerful tool that we all have, but don’t all use.

In the business world, we tend to follow the guidelines that data drives decisions, and that’s partially true. However, combining your rational mind and intuitive mind can provide innovation that separates great business leaders from the rest.

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The Mindset of a Developer [Infographic]

Posted by Kevin Kerl


Developer openings are predicted to be in the top 10 for hardest jobs to fill in the US for 2016! With an expected 3 jobs available for every new college grad, companies are going to find it more difficult to find the developer talent they need.

The future doesn’t get brighter for hiring companies, as top level developers are expected to be in even higher demand as we head toward 2020. Here is a quick infographic breakdown of the market, the mindset of a developer and ways companies can attract the best talent to fill their developer positions.

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Picking Up the Pieces: I Just Got Fired, Now What?

Posted by Jason Weber

Picking up the piecesHave YOU ever parted ways with your employer?

Were you an unfortunate victim of circumstance, corporate restructuring, new boss bringing in their own people, workforce reduction, offshoring, mutual parting of ways, or just got fired?!

These situations have been encountered by everyone and can be viewed in a variety of different ways. We’re often angry, pointing fingers, nervous, scared, and sometimes relieved.

Let’s be real though…job searching on the rebound isn’t fun, but I'm here to help.

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