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Why Employer Branding is a Must for CEO's [VIDEO]

Screenshot_2016-06-13_14.32.12.pngAs leading organizations fight for top talent, employer branding is an increasingly important function of recruiting the best and brightest professionals. A company can attract better and more qualified applicants as well as retain current key employees by developing an effective brand image

An employer brand is defined by the external perceptions of the company's ability to create a reputable and desirable workplace. What's critical in enhancing an employer brand is understanding what employees want from their organization.

If a CEO can understand what benefits and employee incentives help retain current talent, they can then market those key differentiating factors when attracting new talent. 

In short the bottom line impact of a strong employer brand is real: you'll lower your cost per hire by up to 50%, boost retention by reducing employee turnover by 28%, and positively influence the conversation with potential candidates.


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