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3 Keys to a Successful Offer Negotiation

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Companies hiring for openings, search firms engaged to fill client needs, and candidates, professional and executive alike, are faced with the sometimes uncomfortable process of negotiating an offer. If you ask ten different hiring managers, HR professionals, recruiters, or job seekers, you may very well get ten different answers as to what constitutes best practices.

Years of hands-on recruiting and offer negotiation experience has taught me to rely on transparency and fairness to build rapport and trust to reach an offer all parties can agree is reasonable.

Regardless of the specific approach, there are a few offer negotiation basics that can be applied regardless of what side of the table you find yourself dealing from.

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When Is The Right Time to Leave Public Accounting?

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As a veteran of a Big Four firm, I can tell you with certainty one of the most hotly debated topics among staff, seniors, and managers in audit and tax is the topic of when to leave to maximize ones career potential.  

A career in public accounting is a great foundation for a career in business; the time I spent at Ernst & Young was not only instrumental in helping lay the groundwork for a career in financial search, but also for empowering me to understand our industry and grow our practice as part of our leadership team.

That being said, most accountants beginning their career in public accounting eventually realize their heart isn’t in making partner. The question is:

How to go about doing this and when (if ever) is the right time to leave?  

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Identify Great Employees to Realize Big ROI

Posted by SelectOne


Great people drive successful companies. It’s a simple statement, yet we’ve found it to be an irrefutable truth. The best performers define vision, create strategy, implement systems, build teams, design culture, and constantly self-assess. 

Yet, nearly all business owners and executives say it’s difficult to find great employees.

Even when a potential great employee has been identified, it’s also hard to really know if indeed they are one. A simple exercise comparing great, good, and low performing employees can help drive the evaluative process.

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Marketing Skills In High Demand

Posted by Katie Whiting


The job market has been steadily improving over the past few years.

No one can deny the above statement because of the facts that support it. The unemployment rate is down to 5.5%, compared to 6.5% last year and 36% of employers plan to increase full-time, permanent headcount in 2015, a significant jump from 24% last year.

But what type of jobs are companies hiring for?

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Practice What You Preach

Posted by Aly Finkle


Just last week one of the nation’s largest health care providers made headlines when they raised the hourly pay rate of their lowest paid employees - the same employees who are on the front lines servicing their customers every day.

Expecting employees to address the complex health care concerns of their customers when they face the same personal challenges outside of work, raises the question, why don’t more employers practice what they preach?  

Understanding and addressing the personal challenges facing employees often has a meaningful and impactful return on the company’s bottom line.

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