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Why the Rise of Desktop Dining is Slowing Killing You

Posted by Kahli Martin


Let’s face it, during the hours of 9AM-5PM, we are all pressed to accomplish the many tasks on our to do list and as sitting in front of the computer has become commonplace, it’s likely you’ve fallen victim to the rise of desktop dining.

It appears the majority of the American workplace agrees with Gordon Gekko when he says, “lunch is for wimps,” in the 1987 movie, Wall Street, due to the fact 83% of Americans regularly eat at their desks. This trend is now referred to as ‘desktop dining’ and it’s become the “go-to” for many working professionals in order to multitask and conquer all the emails, phone calls, and other various tasks that pop-up throughout the day.  

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The Millennials' Guide to Finding a Job

Posted by Marissa Malone









If you’re a new job seeker and anxious about what’s to come, dont be. You've dedicated your whole life to preparing for a career - look forward to what's to come and look back on all your accomplishments. The traditional hiring process has gone by the way side and employers now look to "hire for the future". In other words - companies  are looking for candidates that stand out with confidence, thoughts, solutions, and the excitement to learn.  

As you embark on the job seeking journey, keep the Millennials' Guide to Finding a Job handy to help you identify your career path:

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The Top 4 Finance Movies for Non-Finance Professionals

Posted by Charlie Hake


It’s safe to say that all things accounting and finance usually get a bad rap for being complex and boring. So, learning more about the financial crisis probably isn’t on the top of everyone’s list of things to do on a Saturday evening. Some people would much rather spend time hanging out with family and friends or get lost in a movie marathon, but what if I told you that you could do both, have fun doing it, AND enjoy learning about the financial crisis?

Don't believe me? Keep reading!

You don’t need to be a finance professional to understand what triggered the financial crisis and the fallout that followed. All you have to do is like movies…

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Your PTO Policy Needs a Performance Evaluation of Its Own

Posted by Marissa Malone


Despite all the buzz around unlimited PTO, it is by no means an emerging trend. Less than 1% of employers offer an unlimited PTO strategy, but it may be something to take into consideration the next time you are revisiting company benefits.

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Don't Let Your New Hires Fend for Themselves

Posted by Marissa Malone


Remember that time you started a new job and felt like you were left to fend for yourself? I do. It took me back to my very first day at a new high school. I only knew my teacher’s name and before I knew it, the lunch bell rang. My heart sunk and head dropped as I placed my lunch tray down at the dedicated loner table because all the other seats were “saved.” 

Five years later, there I was, dropped into the corporate jungle left to navigate the ropes myself which included setting up my phone and computer, emptying my “new” desk of the past occupant’s clutter, and wandering around like a lost puppy in search of the mailroom. Needless to say, I moved on to bigger and better opportunities and I’m not alone, companies lose up to 25% of all new employees within the first year.

If I had gone through a proper onboarding process, there’s a 58% chance I would have stayed with that company for more than three years and saved them anywhere between $3,000 to $18,000, the average expense to replace an average employee.

Want to save your pennies and grow a world class team?

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What ABC’s The Bachelorette Can Teach You About Landing Your Next Job

Posted by Bridget Eimer

hqdefault_live.jpgOn a recent Sunday night, I found myself reading Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, and the following Monday night watching ABC’s The Bachelorette, (it’s called cultural balance). While some might argue that these two medias have nothing in common and portray conflicting cultural messages, I think they go hand-in-hand. If Lean In is a college class, The Bachelorette is it’s textbook’s case study.  As a wildly popular book, it is well known that Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean In, invites, asks, and tells women to continue moving forward in their careers by overcoming different constraints society and women place on themselves.  As a wildly popular reality television show, The Bachelorette, shows 25 bachelors competing for the chance to marry JoJo, this season’s Bachelorette.  Similarly, The Bachelor shows 25 bachelorettes competing for the chance to marry Ben, last season’s Bachelor.

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