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The Power of Intuition in the Workplace


Have you ever had a gut feeling about something and couldn’t explain why you needed to do what you did, but in the end you found yourself happy because you listened to your inner voice? 

That’s your intuition, it’s a powerful tool that we all have, but don’t all use.

In the business world, we tend to follow the guidelines that data drives decisions, and that’s partially true. However, combining your rational mind and intuitive mind can provide innovation that separates great business leaders from the rest.

When we take the time to listen to our intuition, we’re rewarded. The messages that are given and the strong pull one way or another helps to guide us down a path of success.

There are many reasons why you should trust your gut. From a business stand point, here are a few of the many reasons how you, your team, and entire organization can benefit from listening to your internal navigation system.

  1. Listening to your intuition in the workplace helps you identify your purpose and mission.
    • Does your company’s mission reflect your vision?
    • When hiring, are you looking for individuals that are aligned with your values?
    • Have you gone off course of what you originally dreamed your company would be?
  1. When you tap into your intuition, you open yourself up to new ideas that your rational mind may have closed off. This can help you to break free of limiting thought patterns and missed opportunities.
  2. Your instinct can help you to bond with others on a much deeper level. Being in tune with yourself, your employees, and your clients can help build stronger relationships. Noticing that someone may be saying one thing but feeling another allows you to tweak your approach and figure out what’s best for both parties.
  3. Intuition in the workplace allows you to know when something isn’t right. A critical component of business is understanding risk. The ability to follow your gut when it tells you to stay away from something is priceless.

Let’s stop limiting ourselves to rational thinking and open ourselves up to all of the possibilities that we’re equipped with. Our inner voice is powerful and helps direct every decision down a path of great success. Take this notion into consideration and let us know the outcome!

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