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How We Can Help You Navigate the COVID-19 Situation

In this unprecedented time of uncertainty, we wanted to let you know we are here as a resource to help. We understand in the immediate next few days you will be focused on ensuring the safety of your team and trying to maintain some semblance of normal business operations.
Here at SelectOne we are fully-operational as our team is accustomed to remote work.
As you assess your needs and evaluate the immediate effects of this crisis on your workforce, please remember SelectOne is prepared with an internal and contract workforce of available, experienced professionals who can help you manage through the interim uncertainty by:
  • Filling short term and long term needs for your workforce as you better understand your changing forecast for 2020/2021;
  • Manage your recruitment efforts for remote workers
Additionally, we are offering creative pricing options to all customers so they can better manage their financial resources throughout this challenging year. 
Also, since this is as relevant as ever, we recently published a comprehensive resource on the ins and outs of hiring remote workers. Check it out here.

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