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How to Look Beyond a Lousy Job Title [INFOGRAPHIC]


Many candidates that we work with turn down the chance to explore new opportunities simply based on the job title. There are several factors to consider when exploring new careers and job titles.

Each year, Pearl Meyer & Partners, a compensation consultancy based in New York City, publishes a study of job titling practices. In their most recent study, they found that 80% of companies surveyed use job titles to accurately reflect the corporate hierarchy, however, only 37% use the job title to attract prospective employees.

This is a mistake commonly made by companies so it’s important to understand that different companies have different hierarchies and set job titles to be consistent across the organization. So, while the job title might not be the glamorous title you were looking for, it might be an opportunity that will quickly advance your career and shouldn’t be overlooked. Here is an infographic of 4 things you should consider before dismissing an opportunity based on the title.


After learning more about these four factors, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not an opportunity is worth exploring.  Keep an open mind when searching for a new job to find the most promising career opportunities!


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