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Evolve Your Approach to Recruiting

Hiring is an involved process. You can choose to do it yourself or partner with a third party to handle all of the work. A newer option is to automate the recruiting process with the hope that keywords and algorithms will bring you the right candidate. 

Despite these options, though, why does it seem the candidates you are generating are not what you need? 

Is there a better solution?

Create a Plan

  1. Understand the current market conditions of the position you are hiring.
  2. Evaluate your current salary levels in all exempt categories and evaluate what your gaps are for attracting the right candidate
  3. Define your positions clearly and update job descriptions to better align with the current market.
  4. Consider internship programs and internal mentoring or job reclassification of existing staff to better use their talents.
  5. Clearly define the career pathway for all roles.

And if you have not yet addressed the elephant in the room, get to work today on creating a hybrid or flexible work plan for your employees.

Showcase Your Culture

One of the drivers behind the “Great Reawakening” we are witnessing is the desire  employees have to work for a company that aligns with their values. What values does your company brand project? And what are the values potential candidates are seeking from a desirable employer?

It is crucial  to convey what your company stands for in all of your public communication - digital marketing, social media, published advertisements, job boards or public sponsorships in the community though events or boards or volunteering - so anyone who potentially looks at your company feels a sense of purpose and engagement as they explore you. Further, once having established this brand awareness, you have to walk the walk and live it internally with your people. 

Projecting and reinforcing  your work culture values is an essential step in the process of marketing your company and attracting the right candidates who become long-term hires. 

Think Like a Candidate 

What does a prospective candidate want to know about your company? Having established your brand and culture publicly, it’s important to refine and reinforce that message. The devil is always in the details and writing a job description is a challenge for most organizations. How you write your description and  what you demand from a candidate is the first factual indicator of what your prospective candidate is learning about you. Do they care to read 57 bullet points of job duties? 2 paragraphs about your company history?  

The candidates, who can be a perfect fit for you may look at the job description and decide your job sounds like every other job out there. They learn nothing of why you are different.  

Citing what you want from a candidate is a good way for them to see whether they meet your expectations but detailing what the employee stands to gain from you is a better way to create engagement and interest. 

Looking For Help with Recruiting?

Finding the right candidate doesn't have to be a migraine-inducing exercise. Simplify your search and work with the experts at SelectOne. We help companies every day so they can use proven strategies that get the right results. 

Would you like to see how we can work together? Get in touch with us today.

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