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Why It's Time to Forget Your Workplace Resolutions


We’ve all listened to people give advice on how to successfully follow through on our New Year Resolutions for the workplace…start earlier, create attainable goals, be positive, strategize more, etc.  These are all great tips, but how about taking a different approach because let’s be honest it’s been a month since the new year started and those resolutions really haven’t stuck. Have they? Rather than making “resolutions”, let’s start setting aspirations.  So, what exactly does this mean?

Resolutions tend to be more of a one and done…once you “fall” it’s difficult to get back up.  You immediately feel like you’ve failed and you are right back into your old routine and ultimately wait until next year or after review time to try and “jump back on the wagon”.  Here are a few reasons why you might want to start setting aspirations, rather than resolutions!

  1. Aspirations are more realistic. For instance, rather than setting a resolution to show up earlier to work every day, you could aspire to start checking one more item off your “to do” list each day or at the end of each day plan for the next.
  2. Aspirations are more attainable. Aspirations allow for “bumps in the road”.  Let’s face it, many times unexpected projects or emails get in the way and you can’t always follow through with your goals every day.  That’s ok!  When you aspire, you allow yourself to reset if you’ve had a particularly busy day, while continuing to keep your ultimate goal in mind.
  3. Aspirations are more meaningful. When you think of things you aspire to accomplish you begin the process of self-discovery…what ultimately will make you happy and more productive, which enables you to set your purpose for your career and your life.  Whether it is creating a calmer and less stressful work day or getting more organized, you begin to develop a plan that enables you to become more invested in the entire process.

Fortunately, it is never too late to aspire.  So, set realistic goals and allow yourself to grow in the hopes of living a healthier, richer, and more productive life!

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