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Why All Manufacturers Should Consider Working with a Professional Recruiting Firm

The manufacturing landscape has changed over the past couple decades as technology influences all aspects of the business. From the designing of products to assembly and delivery, each step in manufacturing requires a higher level of knowledge and skill. Finding new talent is a formidable hurdle that HR departments are not equipped to face. Professional recruiting firms provide a solution to these challenges.

Trends in Manufacturing Jobs

Advances in technology impact each facet of the manufacturing sector. Robotics in use today will continue to get cheaper, which will increase the already widespread use. AI has the potential to further revolutionize the technology used by manufacturing businesses.

Manufacturing automation has affected the recruitment of skilled employees. There is no longer the need to find workers for repetitive tasks. Modern day manufacturing positions require a different skill set, one with a higher level of problem solving and interpretation.

The Manufacturer's Guide to Hiring & Recruiting

Traditional recruiting does not stand up to the level needed to acquire the talent necessary to fill these positions. Professional recruiting firms understand this skill gap and have the acumen to help you find right candidates with the right expertise.

Sales Professionals

Finding sales professionals for your manufacturing organization can be challenging. Sales is basically where the rubber meets the road, so the key to growing your business lies is having the proper wall of sales professionals leading the charge.

Professional recruiting firms have the outside-the-box thinking to recruit the best sales candidates. Sometimes the best sales executives don’t come from a background in sales. Smart people from all different industries make a career change to go into sales. You have to know where to look to find your next sales superstar. Recruiting firms know where to look.

The Engineering Shortage

According to a report from Deloitte, the shortage of engineers in the manufacturing space leaves 600,000 positions unfilled annually. There are fewer candidates with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Technology) backgrounds and graduates with STEM skills are gravitating to the perceived more exciting software development field. Manufacturing recruiters face a considerable challenge finding qualified engineers in today’s marketplace.

By working with a professional recruiting firm your company benefits from the tactical knowledge that professional recruiters have in attracting engineers in a competitive marketplace. Professional recruiters know how to scout second-tier engineering colleges for the students with the same experience and training that top-tier schools provide.

C-Level Executives

Hiring a C-level employee who will likely be managing a lot of people presents a different set of concerns for recruiters and hiring professionals. This executive will impact the direction of the company and the culture of your organization so it is important to follow best practices when making this crucial decision.

While it is best to source internally for C-level executives, there are many circumstances that prevent companies from being able to do so. Professional recruiting firms have the skill and knowledge to expand your search to a broader level, sourcing professionals from other industries.

If you are in need of professional recruiting from established experts, SelectOne has the track record that will give you confidence in your new hire acquisitions. Contact us today to get started!

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