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What Are the Emerging Job Titles in 2023?

A host of economic, public health, and workplace challenges that unfolded during the pandemic have altered job seekers’ priorities and needs from employers, but the employment landscape has shifted in tandem, spurring growth and increased opportunity across multiple industries. Due to changes in the energy sector and overall economy, as well as technological advances and workforce shortages, the viability of multiple career types has improved, inviting job seekers to consider new opportunities in 2023 and beyond. Another major factor contributing to emerging jobs in 2023 is the aging population of the country, an area where healthcare needs (private and public) are especially on the rise.

The Big Picture: Low-, Middle- and High-Wage Professions

According to a recent CareerBuilder study, many high- and low-wage industries are in the midst of tremendous job growth, with nearly 8 million new jobs expected to emerge by 2023. Of course, in conjunction with this growth, it is estimated that 62% of middle-wage jobs will experience varying degrees of decline between now and the end of 2023. This includes professions like construction workers, truck drivers, customer service representatives, and others. 

One of several reasons for the anticipated decline in middle-wage professions is that more and more jobs and industries require some specialized technical knowledge or training. As a result, displacement is more common for middle-wage employees who will increasingly need to “upskill” or pivot to a related or even fully distinct profession depending on the degree of competency-based training that’s available to them through their current employer.

In the next section, we’ll discuss the specific low- and high-wage jobs and associated industries that are trending positively towards growth and sustained opportunities in 2023 and beyond.

Promising & Emergent Fields and Professions

Our survey of the most promising fields and professions in 2023 is primarily informed by research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as well as related research exploring distinct metrics of job growth or decline based on low-wage opportunities, high-wage opportunities, extended timelines (to 2033), short-term timelines (end of 2023), and acute changes to specific industries.

Technology and Energy

For a company to remain relevant and competitive in their industry, they must hire talented tech staff who can establish or sustain their digital tools and infrastructure. As just one example, Business Insider has identified software developers as the #1 fastest growing (and high-paying) job in the tech industry, expected to grow by 15.57%. Similarly booming professions in IT and technology include Computer Systems Analysts, Information Security Analysts, and Computer and Information Systems managers. These positions are expected to grow in demand and opportunity over the next several years: a sign of encouragement, especially to those in declining middle-wage professions who are already undertaking (or considering) training in a tech-oriented field.

As a result of changes in the energy industry, wind turbine service technicians, as well as maintenance positions in the solar energy field, are expected to experience continued growth throughout 2023. Bucking the trend of middle-wage job decline, these positions, as well as heavy and tractor-trailer truck driving jobs, are expected to experience continued growth for at least the next few years.

Public and Private Healthcare

Healthcare is another increasingly tech-dependent field where recordkeeping, digital equipment, and telehealth facilitation require trained, technically competent employees. Arguably the larger reason for such exponential growth in public and private healthcare is a growing population – particularly among the elderly – who will require at-home and inpatient care now and in the coming years.

Registered nurses are currently the fastest-growing profession among high-paying (above $46k annually) healthcare professions. Nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, and medical and health service managers are also experiencing significant growth. 

Lower-income job opportunities are also emerging to address the need for improved at-home healthcare, with home health aide positions continuing to grow by 22.4% since 2018 and medical assistant positions increasing by 14.5%.

Data Analysis

Whether it’s accounting and financial data or engaging and interpreting marketing research, many companies rely on data gathering and analysis to guide their business’ actions. Among the emergent jobs in this field, data scientists, statisticians, market research analysts, management analysts, and marketing analysts land towards the top among all jobs surveyed. Like IT and energy, this is a field where many employees in declining middle-wage professions are preparing to pivot by learning the problem-solving, mathematical, technical, and analytical skills necessary to qualify for these positions.

Management & Traditional Roles in Finance and Law

Amid a range of changes based on technological advances, demographics, and other factors, some management and traditional roles in finance and law are still expected to grow moderately or significantly throughout 2023. This includes lawyers, accountants, auditors, general and operations managers, and financial managers.

Lower-Wage Job Opportunities

Although we’ve covered primarily mid- and high-wage professions that hold promise for 2023 job seekers, a number of lower-wage job opportunities will be available as well. In addition to opportunities as customer service representatives, receptionists, or retail salespeople, work in the restaurant industry (cooks and other employees) is expected to grow by 36.6% between 2021-2023. Additionally, 75% of restaurant operators recently surveyed claim that they will dedicate more resources towards improving recruitment, retention, and opportunities for career growth in 2023.

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