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Taking Care of Business – 11 Lunch Spots for Rainmakers

There’s no replacement for face-to-face interaction with customers, vendors, colleagues, and associates. But who has time for meetings these days?  
Sandwiching (see what I did there?) an on-site meeting between phone calls, texts, emails, other meetings, can be impossible!  Since we all need to eat, leveraging lunchtime for a productive meeting can be a good solution, and really, who doesn’t like checking out cool lunch spots.  Here’s a list of some of our top spots for productive, quick, enjoyable working sustenance.  


City of Buffalo

Chris’ Deli – Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? If you are a fan of NY style delis (and I highly recommend the fresh roasted turkey sandwich), this is your place.  There’s a huge lunch rush, so get there a little before noon to get your order in first – do this, and you’ll have a delicious meal and be in and out and less than an hour.  Located on Delaware near Tupper, this location is accessible from the 33 and downtown easily.

Seabar – Their lunch combos are great – your choice of a roll or sashimi plus miso soup and sesame noodles – all for a very reasonable price.  These noodles alone are worth the trip!  If you’re looking to impress a seafood lover, this is a great spot.  Plus, they’ve got plenty of sake in case you’re into more of a liquid lunch!  Located on Ellicott right by the 33.

Sun Restaurant – This hidden gem on Niagara Street in Blackrock is serving up authentic, delicious Burmese and Thai cuisine.  Try their unique black rice sushi, or one of the many spicy dishes they serve up, many of which you simply can’t find anywhere else in Buffalo.  

Mac’s – A newcomer to the lunch scene, this Hertel hotspot fills the void left by Empire Grill, but does so with a stepped up patio, revived ambiance, and serious menu.  The Ahi Tuna Club is a winner, and it’s a great place to take in the growing North Buffalo main strip, especially on a nice summer day.

Betty’s – Looking for a farm fresh breakfast, thoughtfully crafted sandwich, or even vegetarian or vegan options?  Betty’s always delivers, but keep in mind the Virginia Street eatery gets pretty busy around peak times, so plan accordingly.


Eastern Suburbs & Northtowns

Rocco’s – This is in our regular rotation.  While their pizzas are some of the best coming out of any wood-fired oven in WNY, the entire menu, comprised of soups, salads, sandwiches, and main courses, delivers fine-dining quality in a casual atmosphere and price.  The pasta fagioli and house made burrata weekly special simply can’t be beat.  Check them out on Transit just north of Maple.

Saigon Bangkok – If you’re looking for Southeast Asian cuisine and you’re east of the city, this is a great spot.  Their lunch menu is affordable and tasty, with good portions that won’t leave you needing a nap afterward.  

Dick & Jenny’s – This hidden gem on Grand Island packs quite the Creole punch, bringing New Orleans flair to Buffalo.  Try one of their Po’ Boys (I highly recommend the shrimp), and if you have a sweet tooth, bring back some beignets for the office.



Mangia – By night, they’re upscale Italian, but by day, they’re an order-at-the-counter lunch spot with lighter fare, salads, soups, and sandwiches.  Located at the four corners in Orchard Park, you can get in and out in well under an hour and feel good about the meal you’ve enjoyed.

Rick’s on Main – Fine dining in the evening, but by day, similar to Mangia, they’ve got a casual atmosphere and lunch-conducive menu.  This East Aurora mainstay boasts soup samplers, salads with grilled tenderloin, and much more.

Public House on the Lake – This gets our award for best southtowns spot for a liquid lunch.  Take in a craft IPA while relaxing with sweeping views of Lake Erie – maybe even grab a sandwich too!  Ok, so maybe a few pints and relaxation likely won’t lead to keeping lunch under and hour, but, hey – work hard, play hard!


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