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The Dynamic Duo: Soft Skills and Technology


When recruiting top talent in today’s workforce, soft skills are sometimes considered to be more valued than technical skills. Technical skills can be easily taught, but emotional intelligence and the ability to connect with other individuals is an innate trait.

Technical skills alone are no longer what drives an employer to hire you. It’s the combination of soft skills and your technical skills that will influence business results.

According to a recent Gallup survey, employees with a “higher degree of soft-skills competency brings improved effectiveness and improved organizational results, and that in turn drives greater employee engagement and retention.” 

The following soft skills help technologists translate information to non-technical people – an essential aspect of any successful team.


Communication skills are critical to a successful career. Whether it’s via phone conversation, email interaction, or in-person - effective communication is needed. When working within a team, a high level of communication is required in order to properly articulate thoughts and ideas, across a variety of personalities and styles of communication.


Organization at every level – throughout your office and within your personal workspace – will make your life, and the lives of those around you easier. If you prioritize your responsibilities, and document your work, you will be able to stay on top of the task at hand.


Companies are constantly looking to evolve and are often dependent on employees for innovative ideas. Creativity is also an important piece of problem solving. The combination of creativity and technical skills will better suite your ability to identify and troubleshoot issues.


The world around us is ever-changing and constantly evolving. The ability to think on your feet, accept changes, and adapt to unforeseen circumstances is a highly sought after characteristic. Rather than rejecting change, put a positive spin on it; this will make you stand out and influence others to embrace the change as well.


Long-gone are the days of employees working solo without any collaboration.  In order for a company or product to succeed it takes the collaboration of different skill sets and personalities to create results. For example, Jack Welsh, Chairman and CEO of General Electric, built a remarkable team. This team’s contributions and collaboration helped to increase the company’s value by 4000%. Welsh would not have achieved such success without the support of his team. 

A lesson for employers when attracting top talent is to look beyond the technical skills, as those can be taught. The key to your company’s success is the people in which possess the ability to communicate effectively, collaborate in teams, and adapt to the surrounding environment.

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