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Office Etiquette: Do Manners Apply in the Workplace?

Tricia Sortisio
Thu, Dec 1, 2016


We’ve all been taught the “Golden Rule” as children, treat others as you would like to be treated. It resonates with each one of us in our daily life but how important is it in the workplace?  Studies have shown that manners are more important than you think.  How can the Golden Rule build a healthy culture at your work place?  Here are a few tips for making your company a better place to work for everyone.


Professional interaction begins with listening and really hearing others which is an essential competent of business behavior.  Not only will you gain the speaker’s respect but it will enable you to do your job better because you will have a better understanding of the situation.

Knowing your Audience

When you are speaking to someone in a professional environment think of how you would like to be approached.  The key to the Golden Rule is realizing that everyone is unique and may need to be spoken to differently.  Adjust your style and tone to match your audience.  The goal is to be courteous and respect your listener.

Understanding Cultural Differences

In a professional environment, the Golden Rule means that there may be other ways of interacting and seeing things other than your way. The goal here is to build trust, respect and strengthen important relationships.  Being professional with the Golden Rule means understanding that not everything revolves around your way of thinking. 


Being an effective manager involves many components. The Golden Rule addresses how managers interact with their team.  When delivering a critique, choose one that leaves your employee or co-worker with dignity and opportunity.  Smart managers not only show respect but ask for input from their employees.


This may be the most common denominator when applying the Golden Rule.  Whether you are dealing with the highest or lowest person in your organization, showing respect contributes to your own integrity, which of course is the highest quality of a professional.

Remember the Golden Rule! It can affect mood, productivity, interactions and can help produce a positive environment and great company culture making your company a better place to work for everyone!

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