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Blogs are a great way to stay up-to-date on current events, stimulate creativity, and explore topics of interest in more depth. Reading industry specific blogs provides new perspectives and best practices that can directly influence your daily work. Check out this list of our top 10 engineering and manufacturing blogs:

  1. Manufacturing Innovation Blog: This blog, run by the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, focuses on topics such as sustainability, advanced manufacturing, finance, the workforce, and more. It is a great resource for keeping up on new workplace innovations and trends in the industry.
  2. Engineering Ethics Blog: This is an opinion based blog written by an engineering professor at Texas State University. Karl Stephan writes on subjects from disasters that involve technical matters, movies with engineering ethics, and even philosophical and religious questions engineers could be faced with.
  3. Wit and Wisdom of an Engineer: This blog comments on current events and innovations through writing, infographics, statistics, and a little bit of fun. Drones, politics, talking cars, and football are just of the few topics recently covered.
  4. Shopfloor: Run by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), this blog is updated regularly and is a great resource for learning about new industry regulations, advancements, and trends.
  5. LinkedIn Engineering Blog: Ever wonder what happens on the backend of LinkedIn or do you want to know more about the people and employees behind the scenes? This blog offers a sneak peek into life at LinkedIn, the technologies they use, and inspiration for people that are interested in potentially working for the company.
  6. This blog names itself as the “leading source for manufacturing and product development news.” Its writers include experts on a variety of aspects in the manufacturing industry and is updated frequently.
  7. Manufacturing Outlook: Have an interest in economics within manufacturing? Then this blog is for you. It features multiple authors and provides economic outlooks from many different angles.
  8. Engineer Chic: With the header “Hard-hats, design and manicures,” this engineering blog is focused on just that. Written by a female mechanical engineer, this blog features posts on everything from volunteering, school, dating, and more.
  9. 21st Century Supply Chain Blog: A large part of the manufacturing world is Supply Chain Management. This blog offers perspectives on innovative supply chain management strategies that will be helpful no matter what your role is within a manufacturing company.
  10. Industrial Marketing Today: This blog offers practical insights and actionable marketing advice for manufacturers, distributors, and engineering companies.  With industrial companies needing to expand brand awareness more than ever, this is a great resource for company leaders.

Want more great resources? Check out East West Manufacturing’s Top 10 Manufacturing Blogs of 2015 and scope out your favorite company websites for their blog series (both big and small).


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