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The Harvest Moon

Disclaimer: This blog post is unqiue compared to those published in the past. These words were presented to the SelectOne team at our company wide meeting to facilitate a conversation around recent changes, reflect on the past, and speak about how we can prepare for the coming quarters. We hope you will be able to take something from this post to help your team prepare for the final quarter of 2015.

What's the only thing you can really predict and count on aside from death and taxes? Change.  It's been a crazy year, unlike any we have had over the past 10 years and we have definitely experienced a lot of change. Perhaps it was our Blood Red Moon Eclipse where SelectOne finally moved into alignment.

 It’s the 3rd Quarter: Time to Reflect and Prepare for Winter

  1. Reflect on the past year - What lessons have you learned? What things can you do better? What did you reap this year to make you wiser for the coming year?
  2. Plan for the next year and then beyond - Right now is the time to plan for the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2016. Take stock and do what you need to do to feed yourself over the long winter months and be ready to plant better rows in the spring.
  3. Learn - What opportunities do you have to increase your knowledge of your industry? How can you broaden your perspective? Increase your mark in your field?
  4. Apply - These things lead to sustained growth - personal, professional, intellectual and spiritual. They are all inter-related and complete the unique bounty or cornucopia that is you!  

For the end of the year?  - Some suggestions

  • Embrace the change: Gather your yield and nourish yourself over the winter;
  • Plan for spring and summer: It's a long, dark winter and it comes fast. Get out in front of it.
  • Feed on the resources around you and within you: Each company is remarkable, and resourceful with tons of ideas, tremendous hearts and incredible souls - Tap into it. Be proactive, crave knowledge and insight and challenge yourself to be better.
  • Open your perspective: Every situation is an opportunity, positive or negative, depending on your individual polarity. Align yourself to the positive; exude the energy of confidence and wonder and learn. It’s infectious.
  • Be mindful and remember a very basic lesson for survival: The Enemy always resides within and it's fear and uncertainty. Be aware of it but don't be wary of it. Strike forward with your best intentions and the courage knowing that change will continue to come and it brings an abundance of opportunity and insight. Fill your lungs with the air it breathes into you.

And finally... Be Humble and Thankful - That's the essence of wisdom. What have you experienced over the past year that will allow you to create more success in the year to come?


Photography by Tim Malone

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