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Bridging the IT Skills Gap in 2016


What would a business today be without technology? As a millennial, it’s almost impossible for me to imagine and for many businesses it’s becoming that way too.

IT staffing is ranked as the second largest segment of staffing in terms of revenue, and is expected to grow 6% in 2016 to $27.2 billion.

As technology is advancing, senior leaders and CIOs are now recognizing the importance technology plays on the company’s overall success. In fact, 22% of CIOs are looking to build out their IT department within the first six months of 2016 due to such rapid technological advances. There’s only one problem… 60% of CIOs in the U.S. find it challenging to recruit skilled IT professionals. 

So, why is this?

The advancements and changes in technology are creating demands for IT professionals with specific skill sets that are hard to find - but why are they so hard to find?

  • Current IT professionals do not have the proper resources, training, or education to fulfill these specialized skills.
  • Fewer college graduates are going into the field after graduation.
  • Only 18% of women graduate from college with a computer-science degree.

Top 8 skills in demand for IT professionals (click to learn more)

Brush up on the basics!

The lack of education is a primary contributor to the IT skills gap. It's important for schools and universities to engage their students with IT careers and programs long before entering the work force. There are fun ways to familiarize yourself with IT basics such as:

Business technology is here to stay, and it's important to familizare yourself with the IT fundamentals as it will only make you more marketable as you continue your career.   Who knows...maybe these CIOs are waiting for you! 

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