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Best Practices for Hiring C-Level Employees in the Manufacturing Industry

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Best Practices for Hiring C-Level Employees in the Manufacturing Industry - SelectOne

Hiring a new employee in the manufacturing industry comes with a set of special challenges. But hiring a C-level employee who will likely be managing a lot of people presents a different set of concerns for recruiters and hiring professionals. This executive will impact the direction of the company and the culture of your organization so it is important to follow best practices when making this crucial decision.

Source Internally

When looking for a C-Level executive it is best to start the search internally. An existing employee will already have the knowledge of your business structure, processes, and culture. This sort of knowledge can help ease the transition as the employee should be able to quickly ramp up to the new responsibilities involved with the position.

Hiring an internal candidate can also boost morale within the organization as this maneuver will likely create several other promotions. Employees like to see that there is opportunity to move up in the company.

The Manufacturer's Guide to Hiring & Recruiting

Internal candidates are already familiar with the history of the company, it’s trajectory, and the direction and vision top leadership have for the future. These are key elements when making a final selection for a position who will be managing teams of employees and influencing their perceptions.

What’s in a Resume?

When expanding the search to external candidates, it’s good to keep in mind that a resume is not the best indicator of how an executive will fit in company culture. Past accomplishments can be impressive but they are not a clear sign of future performance. You should focus on the individual’s ability to mesh well with your company’s vision.

According to Christopher Kelly of Sentry Centers, “Look for someone with experience taking a company from where you are now to where you want to be, and then confirm that they share a belief and passion for your vision.”

Check Those References

While past accomplishments might not be a decent indicator of future success, what previous coworkers have to say about a candidate might be a useful factor in determining if a candidate is right for the job. John Hall of Digital Talent Agencies says, “Remember that executives will set the tone for the company. Don’t underestimate the recommendations given by references and be sure to actually check references. These are people that have worked next to the C-level candidate and can often shed light on important personality traits like how they respond to stress or friction in the workplace. Ask the provided references for additional referrals.”

Involve Others in the Final Decision

This new C-level executive will be the boss of a lot of people, and most likely people who have been with the company for a while. Make sure to involve these people in the decision to hire their new boss.

If your company has a board of directors, they should also be involved in the final decision. By leaving the decision to just the recruiter or hiring manager, it opens up the possibility that the candidate is not really a good fit with the people the new executive is managing.

Prepare for the Transition

One of the most important best practices for hiring C-level employees in the manufacturing industry is to prepare for the transition. This is really one of the best practices for hiring any new employee but it is critical when hiring an executive who will be managing many employees.

Prepare everyone for a change and make sure the current employees give the new C-level executive a change to get acclimated to their new role, and in the case of an internal candidate who might not have the experience managing so many people, a chance to adjust to the challenges that this brings.

Great care needs to be exercised when recruiting and hiring a C-level executive because of the impact this person will have on your company. If you are ready to start the search, it is best to involve a company with the expertise to help you find the perfect fit!

The Manufacturer's Guide to Hiring & Recruiting

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