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7 Benefits of Using a Staffing Firm Over LinkedIn

LinkedIn has changed the recruitment industry, but it still can’t replace a staffing firm for companies seeking top talent. While the online service does attract hordes of prospects, it can’t match the experience, credibility and hands-on touch you get from a team of recruiters. The following are seven benefits of using a staffing firm over Linkedin for your next hire.

1. Speed

Time is of the essence, especially when you’re trying to fill a crucial, recently vacated spot. While LinkedIn can help you find people looking for the job, you’ll still need to use in-house resources to contact, qualify and interview those candidates. A dedicated staffing firm can complete all of those tasks faster and more efficiently—and without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

2. Flexibility

Businesses are running leaner than ever, in many cases relying on part-time, temporary and project-based work. Turning to LinkedIn every time you need a new freelancer or part-timer is woefully inefficient, but a staffing agency that knows your business can provide a steady supply of reliable contractors.

3. Qualification

One of LinkedIn’s greatest strengths — the ability to display credentials and experience — is also one of its greatest weaknesses. How do you know how much your candidates padded their online resumes — or even outright lied? You’ll still have to qualify the candidates you find on LinkedIn, verifying their work histories and contacting their references. Ultimately, you’ll save time and wade through fewer unqualified prospects by letting a staffing firm screen them first.

4. Reduced Risk With Contract Employees

If you hire someone through LinkedIn, you’ll be subject to all of the taxes, insurance requirements and labor laws of an employer. On the other hand, staffing agencies often maintain responsibility for employees for the lengths of their contracts. Using their services is a great way to not only screen candidates, but to test-drive contractors before moving them to full-time positions.

5. Sourcing Passive Candidates

In many cases, the best person for a job isn’t actually looking for new employment. These candidates may not maintain their LinkedIn profiles, and even if they do, finding and contacting them is time-consuming. However, great passive candidates do seek out staffing firms who will keep them aware of new opportunities. LinkedIn has no shortage of people who want jobs, but an agency can offer more highly qualified candidates.

6. Industry Understanding

You may think you know your industry better than any staffing firm, but agencies often have vast expertise in a few fields. What’s more, because they focus solely on recruitment, their personnel likely have more experience finding candidates for your industry than your hiring managers and HR team.

7. Time and Resources

You hire third parties for building maintenance, equipment repairs and many other essential services. You may also partner with other companies to develop software, manage your servers or plan your budget. Staffing shouldn’t be any different. By using a firm dedicated to recruitment, you free up time, money and human resources that can be better allocated to your main line of business. LinkedIn is a helpful communication tool, but when you have important roles to fill, an agency will serve you best.


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