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8 Tactics to Nailing the Post Interview

You've applied, you've interviewed, and you're hoping to hear something soon. You're excited and anxious about the next steps, but what do you do in the interim? 

Post interview tactics are just as important as the preparation for the interview. Follow the 8 tactics below to prove you are the top candidate. 

Thank you: Within 24 hours, send a thank you email or card. There is no right or wrong in how you choose to follow through… sending an email or a hand written note comes down to your personality and preference. If you miss the 24 hour thank you turn around, it's not too late. Send a thank you, regardless! The thank you should express your continued interest in the role, reinstate why you feel you are a good fit, address further points you may have missed in the interview, etc.

Follow direction: When asked for something, given feedback or time frames, etc. follow-direction and be punctual on requests. Did they ask for references? Were you told they would have a decision in a couple weeks? Do you have to take pre-employment assessments (i.e. personality tests, drug screens, physicals, fill out paperwork)?

Research: Continue to do your research. Look for articles on the company that you can reference in your 2nd interview, your thank you note, or in a follow-up a couple weeks down the line.

Remember how you applied: If it was through a recruiter, follow up with the recruiter. Do not contact the hiring manager at the company directly. If it was directly through the company, wait a couple weeks prior to following up.

Patience: Hiring managers have a lot on their plate, so if you don't hear something immediately, it's okay. Do not “stalk” or follow-up too often.

Follow-up: If you do not recieve feedback within 2 weeks of your interview, it is then okay to follow-up.

Updates: If you have a pre-planned vacation, another job offer, etc. keep all parties updated as to where you stand.

Rejection: If you were not offered the position, take rejection gracefully. Ask for feedback from those who interviewed. They might not be able to provide you with feedback but at least you tried. You could be considered for another opportunity down the line.


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