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5 Culture Trends - 2022 Workplace

Going into 2022, there is a lot of hype around new buzz phrases like "The Great Resignation" or “Hybrid/Remote,” but what does this mean for your company? And more importantly, how will these new realities affect your workplace culture? 

Here are 5 workplace culture trends your leadership will want to get a handle on to create a successful and productive workplace that meets your employee’s needs and recognizes their accomplishments.

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Remote and Hybrid Work

Many employees have experienced some form of remote work over the last two years. In September of 2021, a Gallup Poll indicated that 67% of employees in white-collar jobs (traditionally done in an office) reported working from home either exclusively (41%) or some of the time (26%). Workers overwhelmingly prefer to have the flexibility of some remote work. The top factors for workers wanting to work remotely are commute time, wellbeing and flexibility. The Gallup Poll also found that 3 in 10 employees working remotely say they are extremely likely to seek another job if their company eliminates remote work.

Development Opportunities for Employees

Employees are looking for new opportunities at an increased rate. Companies can retain employees by offering opportunities to train and re-skill in other areas. Creating and communicating plans for promotional opportunities or growth paths for top performing employees is critical for engagement and retention. 

Improved Employee Benefits

The Pandemic and work from home dramatically changed an employee’s outlook on benefits. In the past, employees may have sacrificed higher pay for perks like gym access, paid parking and flexibility in their work day. Today, those same employees are looking for a greater commitment by their employers for enhanced benefits and services. They want access to wellbeing programs, mental health services, more PTO, hybrid work styles, childcare solutions, enhanced 401k or retirement programs, and assistance with student loans.

A Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Many workers expect a diverse workforce, one that not only hires people of different color, sexual orientation or ability, but allows each person to express themselves freely and confidently. They are looking for socially aware and mission oriented companies. A company that champions DEI is a company where leadership and HR can become an employer of choice through the programming it creates around the value of diversity and inclusion.  

Open Communication and Employee Feedback

With so many workers doing their jobs under a variety of conditions, keeping an open line of communication between employees and the company will be extremely important. Using short surveys, focus groups and anonymous feedback mechanisms, HR will benefit from constant feedback from employees. 

Hiring and retaining top talent is the goal of any successful HR department. For more information on how SelectOne can help, contact us.

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