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SelectOne's Recruiting Process

Our unique process established a sound partnership between SelectOne, the candidate and the client in order to ensure we deliver exceptional results to meet the needs of all parties. This page should help you understand our process and the expectations we promise to meet.

Focus & Philosophy

SelectOne is a recruiting company whose mission it is to connect companies with the talent they need to grow their business. We specialize in finding candidates that bring value, strategy and dynamic leadership to our clients’ companies. We know how to find these people for our partners because our own team and knowledge is the result of the same service we provide.

With more than 75 years of industry experience and a vast, diverse network, our specialized team is proficient in recruiting nationally across multiple industries for all professional and leadership positions. Our goal, purpose and passion lie with helping our clients find employees that will transform their business and take them to the next level.

The Process

Here's a quick overview of how our recruiting process works, from the time our partnership is solidified until your newest employee has accepted their offer!

Partnership - SelectOne
Phase 1


When you provide your signed fee agreement and job description(s) our partnership will be solidified.

Discovery - SelectOne
Phase 2


This begins with a formal kick-off meeting. During this meeting, your sales consultant will introduce you to your client success manager and lead recruiter. Together the team reviews the job description(s) and creates a plan to find you the talent you're looking for. (If this has already been established, skip to phase 3.)

Recruitment - SelectOne
Phase 3


Your SelectOne recruiting team begins vetting and submitting candidates. We'll then present our candidates to you. Let us know what you think of the candidates within 2 business days.

Pro Tip: Our clients who regularly see the best results trust SelectOne's vetting process and let us schedule interviews for them.


Interviewing - SelectOne
Phase 4


Here you interview the candidates SelectOne has found for you. Pretty simple. We ask that you keep us updated, but your client success manager will also be checking in periodically.

Decision - SelectOne
Phase 5


A hard decision is a good thing! Let us know how your interviews went and who you've decided to hire. SelectOne is also happy to consult you on this decision. Additionally, we can complete a reference check for final candidates if you request it.

Offer - SelectOne
Phase 6


SelectOne works with you to help you make your offer. The offer should include salary, bonus, benefits, PTO, vacation, preferred start date, background check contingency (if applicable) and sometimes other criteria.

Your client success manager will work with you to finalize your offer and help you with anything before you formally submit the offer to your candidate.

Negotiation and Acceptance - SelectOne
Phase 7

Negotiation & Acceptance

To complete the process, all parties work together to agree on an offer. When the offer is accepted, you'll provide the start date and related information to both your new employee and your client success manager at SelectOne. Congratulations!

This Process Works

Engaged employees are statistically proven to increase organizational productivity and decrease overall turnover. And SelectOne has a track record that puts industry averages to shame.


Engaged employees contribute to a 17% increase in productivity, on average.


Engaged employees reduce overall employee turnover by up to 59%.


SelectOne recruits engaged employees 57% more successfully than average.

Experienced Team

We have a seasoned team of professional recruiters that span a variety of job roles and industry verticals.


Our method for determining true match and job suitability, leveraging behavioral science and several advanced recruiting techniques.

Client Success

You get a dedicated client success manager who's job is solely focused on helping you attract and hire the best talent.

Hire Smarter

We believe in smarter hiring practices to connect companies with the best talent to help them grow and flourish.

Request a consultation with us to talk about how to find your next difference-maker.

Start Hiring Smarter
Their understanding of our business needs and culture enables them to provide us with high-quality candidates, all of which have been excellent additions to our team.

Paul Cody
President, Counsel Financial Services

Their approach was so personal and tailored to our needs. They screened applicants wonderfully and brought us individuals who matched our needs perfectly.

Andrew Deyell
Head of School, Elmwood Franklin School

SelectOne has delivered excellent results over numerous assignments that have helped us continue to stay on our growth track.

John Librie
CEO, ONY, Inc.

Their understanding of the community and the finance profession along with their connections with what seems to be every finance person in town made the search quick and effective.

Thomas Lynch
President & CEO, Goodwill Industries of WNY

We’ve engaged SelectOne to hire multiple executive leadership roles. They’ve been a strong partner to Lorraine and our portfolio companies, providing great people, market intel, and counsel as we grow.

Sam Russo
Partner, Lorraine Capital

Partnership - SelectOne

Let SelectOne Schedule Your Interviews For You

Our clients who regularly see the best results let SelectOne schedule interviews on their behalf as opposed to further qualifying the candidates we've already found for you, because:

  1. They trust our ability to recognize a candidate that meets their criteria. They know when we recommend someone to interview, that candidate needs no further qualification.
  2. In our competitive, candidate-driven marketplace, they know that top talent is typically seeing multiple offers during the same time it takes for additional review. They know that *speed* is a critical factor when recruiting candidates today. The sooner they can get a talented individual in for an interview, the better chance they have at hiring them.
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