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At SelectOne, our mission is to help organizations grow by finding and recruiting top talent. We leverage behavioral science, job suitability and a variety of other techniques that help us successfully place candidates at nearly double the industry average. Browse this page to learn more about how we can help.

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Throw away your old methods. With more than 75 years of industry experience and a vast, diverse network, our specialized team is proficient in recruiting nationally across multiple industries for all professional and leadership positions.

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SelectOne's recruitment practice focuses on a core list of industries and roles. We've got a track record of helping you find talented employees that fit your company and help it grow.

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JobFit is SelectOne's customized method for determining true match and job suitability, leveraging behavioral science and several advanced recruiting techniques.

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SelectOne has a people-centric approach that goes beyond just matching candidates’ skills and experience to a job. Their understanding of our business needs and culture enables them to provide us with high-quality candidates, all of which have been excellent additions to our team. The professionalism of their staff has always been great, and every request is handled in a timely manner. I appreciate their efforts and look forward to continuing our partnership.

Paul Cody
President, Counsel Financial Services

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Our goal is to help employers and hiring managers make smarter hiring decisions, even before you engage us for your first search. Browse our library of articles and other helpful resources.

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SelectOne is a recruiting company whose mission it is to connect companies with the talent they need to grow their business.

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