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The SelectOne team are experts at vetting candidates to your criteria. Let's explain why you're better off letting us review your candidates and schedule interviews for you.


Moving at the Speed of Candidates

The current job market is competitive and candidate-driven. This means the top talent in your industry usually has options. Companies are moving quicker and leading with their best offers. When we identify a viable candidate we need to get them in for an interview as soon as possible to retain a chance of hiring them. When SelectOne finds a worthy candidate, they're likely to be fielding multiple interviews and offers at the same time. We've seen many cases where an interested candidate accepted another offer during the time a client took to review them. Bottom line, speed is paramount.

Trusting the Professionals

Here's the good news. SelectOne is a professional recruiting firm. We've successfully places thousands of candidates across a variety of job functions and industry verticals for a reason. We understand what you're looking for in a new candidate. And we know how to recognize a candidate that meets your criteria. When we finally identify a candidate that's worth interviewing, you can trust it. 


Let's talk about a smarter (and faster) hiring process.

Larger Candidate Pool

When you move faster in the recruiting process, you avoid losing candidates who accept other offers. Moving faster is also an attractive quality to most job candidates.

Save Time

Trusting SelectOne's ability to vet candidates and schedule interviews for you saves you time to review candidates a second time and schedule the interviews by yourself.

Professional Expertise

This is the reason you've hired SelectOne in the first place. We've successfully placed thousands of candidates spanning job functions and industry verticals. We know what we're doing.

Their understanding of our business needs and culture enables them to provide us with high-quality candidates, all of which have been excellent additions to our team.

Paul Cody
President, Counsel Financial Services

Their approach was so personal and tailored to our needs. They screened applicants wonderfully and brought us individuals who matched our needs perfectly.

Andrew Deyell
Head of School, Elmwood Franklin School

SelectOne has delivered excellent results over numerous assignments that have helped us continue to stay on our growth track.

John Librie
CEO, ONY, Inc.

Their understanding of the community and the finance profession along with their connections with what seems to be every finance person in town made the search quick and effective.

Thomas Lynch
President & CEO, Goodwill Industries of WNY

We’ve engaged SelectOne to hire multiple executive leadership roles. They’ve been a strong partner to Lorraine and our portfolio companies, providing great people, market intel, and counsel as we grow.

Sam Russo
Partner, Lorraine Capital

Let SelectOne Schedule Interviews For You

Let SelectOne Schedule Your Interviews for a Faster Hiring Process

Clients who trust our ability to review candidates and let us schedule interviews for them see better results than clients who re-review our recommended candidates. And because we typically recruit better candidates faster, the process is usually smoother for SelectOne, too. 

Start Hiring Smarter

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