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Today’s market demands companies get their hiring right the first time. It’s estimated the cost of a bad-hire can equal up to 30% of the annual salary of a position. SelectOne’s recruiting process is designed to reach and evaluate the best candidate, minimizing wasted resources for our clients. A key component of our process is an in-depth pre-search discovery phase, which goes beyond the job description to understand the culture, needs and strategies of a company.This coupled with a scientific approach to candidate selection, evaluation, and access to our SelectOne team with first-hand industry knowledge creates a truly exceptional hiring experience.

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What We Deliver:

Recruiting Team
Your SelectOne team delivers a customized approach to the hiring process based upon your industry’s specific roles
Professional Analysis
A thorough consultation to discuss the skills required for the position, the role it plays within your company, and an evaluation of the compensation package being offered
Engaged Search
SelectOne invests in technology, behavioral science and training to find, evaluate and introduce the best possible candidates to your company
Candidates who will make an impact and contribute to your company’s growth

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