When your organization needs to fill a mid-level, non-leadership position we offer Sourced, our on-demand recruiting approach that delivers a set of 3 qualified candidates for a fixed flat fee.

Fast. Frictionless. Affordable.

Sourced is SelectOne’s specialized recruiting method that applies our recruiting techniques at flat-fee pricing.

per opening
Staff Professionals
Discovery - In depth call with our team and hiring managers to understand the role
Post-Discovery - Confirmation document of agreed-upon skillset for the role
Qualification - Each candidate is fully vetted by our recruiting experts
Delivery - Candidates fully prepared to interview are submitted with a resume
per opening
Mid-Level Professionals
Everything in Silver
Assessment - Each qualified candidate completes our JobFit behavioral and cognitive assessment to offer more data and detail for your consideration
Delivery - Candidate submission includes JobFit Report, customized interview guide, and complete summary detailing candidate qualifications

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Frequently asked questions

How many candidates will we receive per positions?

A minimum of 3 per position.

What if we don't hire any of the candidates presented?

SelectOne will guarantee qualified and interested candidates for each role and will offer guidance on best practices for interviewing and presenting offers but will not guarantee a hire.

When can we expect candidates?

5-10 business days post-discovery call. We move quickly and efficiently and constantly communicate updates to our clients so all expectations are met.

Do you off-shore?

No, all sourcing is done by our US-based experienced recruitment professionals who will talk to all candidates prior to client presentation.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"SelectOne invests the time to really understand their client’s business strategy, personnel needs and culture. This results in a strong pipeline of talent for our organization, and a much better recruitment experience for both candidates and hiring managers. I look forward to continuing to partner with SelectOne in the future."
Mark Graczyk
Group VP/CBO, Moog, Inc.
“Their understanding of our business needs and culture enables them to provide us with high-quality candidates, all of which have been excellent additions to our team.”
Paul Cody
President, Counsel Financial Services
"Sourced was an exact match for our needs and gave us targeted help where we needed it most. As a rapidly growing company, we just needed help getting ‘phone screened, pre-qualified’ candidates to our hiring managers to consider and schedule for interviews. Sourced was perfect."
Stephanie Argentine
Chief People Officer, Centivo
“We’ve engaged SelectOne to hire multiple executive leadership roles. They’ve been a strong partner to Lorraine and our portfolio companies, providing great people, market intel, and counsel as we grow.”
Sam Russo
Partner, Lorraine Capital

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