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Setting the Perfect Salary

This isn’t a sheet that will show you what to pay people. It’s a guide to thinking about salary in a way that leaves you and your employees feeling respected and satisfied.

  • Understand market rates and current demand.
  • Where job functions and actual *value* to the company intersect.
  • How to set non-salary compensation.
  • Master salary negotiations.

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Examining all the factors.

This Guide will help you understand the most important factors to consider when setting a salary, including:

  • Market rates
  • Demand
  • Job functions
  • Value to the company
  • Non-salary compensation
  • Negotiations
Examining all the factors - Salary - SelectOne

Knowledge is the best tool in hiring.

Good hiring takes a lot of research and a lot of skill. If you have the passion for it, this guide will help. But if the thought of going through this process makes you want to head back to bed, there’s a solution for that too.

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