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New Hire Activation Guide

The Employer's Guide to Mastering the Introductory Period

They say the first 60 days in an employee's tenure have the biggest impact on whether or not they'll experience long-term success within your organization. With all the focus on attracting talent from our industry, we've decided to shine some light on how to develop talent to help your company grow and thrive. Complete the form to download the free Guide.

Practice Retention from the Start

40 percent of workers who voluntarily leave their jobs do so within 6 months of starting. This means that a huge percentage of your team had their minds made up about whether or not this was a good place for them to work within just a few months, or even weeks. This Guide will teach you how to establish favorable relationships from the beginning.

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Explaining Mentorship Programs

You want your new employee to succeed. You know that they need regular feedback, a chance to ask questions, and a role model to emulate. There’s just one problem: you can’t provide all that. This Guide explains why a formal mentoring program for new employees can be incredibly beneficial to you, your new hires, and your company overall.

Explaining mentorship programs - SelectOne