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Hiring for Personality

Skill and experience are only one part of what makes an employee successful in their role. The other part of a good fit can feel harder to define. The difference is personality. 

  • Starting with the job description
  • Figuring out "who" thrives
  • How to screen effectively
  • Learning from past experiences
  • How personality impacts job fit

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How hiring for personality works.

It is possible to hire for personality in a way that is helpful, ethical, and rooted in actual behavioral science.In other words, hiring for personality in ways that will be most beneficial to your company.

If you’ve ever wondered how to look for the right personality while still maintaining an objective and fair hiring process, this is the guide for you.

Hiring for Personality - SelectOne - Hiring for Personality Guide

Understanding personality.

There’s no such thing as a “good” or a “bad” personality, only personalities that are well-suited to the situation in which the individual finds themselves. Someone whose personality means they’re inclined to quickly assess their situation and take decisive action might be an excellent military officer. On the other hand, this inclination might prove disastrous on a PR team, where everyone needs to make sure they have a consistent message before going to the public with a response to a given issue.

Understanding Personality - SelectOne - Hiring for Personality Guide