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Employer's Guide to Diversity and Inclusion

Prioritizing diversity in your hiring practices still means finding the best possible candidate for the job. It simply means that one of the things you consider when searching for an interviewing candidates is how diversity is an asset to your company’s makeup, and candidates who bring different experiences and backgrounds to the workplace can have an incredibly positive influence on your workplace culture. In addition--and this should win over some skeptics--there are also profitability benefits that accompany diversity in the workplace.

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Who does workplace diversity benefit?

There are so many different ways that diversity benefits the workplace! Almost everyone who is affected by a company can experience the benefits that accompany diversity. Let’s break down how an inclusive workplace affects all the different groups that are related to the company.

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Diverse workplaces are more profitable.

According to numerous researchers, including the consultants at the McKinsey & Company, gender, cultural, and ethnic diversity in the workplace all have a positive effect on profitability. Companies with a diverse workforce are simply more profitable than their homogenous peers over time.

Diverse workplaces are more profitable - SelectOne