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The Business of People

Learn more about SelectOne's new video series, The Business of People, in which we connect with business and HR leaders to explore the ways they prioritize talent attraction and development in their organizations. Check out recent episodes or apply to be our next guest!

Recent Episodes

Check out some of the conversions we've had recently as part of our Business of People series. Watch the video and/or read the conversation transcript.

Apply to Be Our Next Guest!

Considering the title of this series, it should be obvious we love connecting with people. If you run a business or you manage people and have productive thoughts to share on the topics of recruiting, hiring, onboarding, employee engagement or anything related to maximizing the human capital at your organization, we'd be interested in connecting with you.


Use the form here to introduce yourself and share why you'd like us to consider you as our next guest for our Business of People series.

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