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The Business of People Ep. 6 – Anna Kaplan and Aly Finkle

Aly Finkle
Wed, Jul 8, 2020

In this week's episode of The Business of People, Aly is joined by Anna Kaplan. Anna is the Executive Director of Graycliff Conservancy, a cultural non-profit that focuses on the preservation and restoration of Graycliff. 

Graycliff has for years been a pillar in the WNY community and plays an important role as a cultural cornerstone of  the area's heritage. Anna shares with us the struggles in continuing to develop a philanthropic effort to maintain and benefit the House, as well as the major ways in which the crisis has benefitted philanthropy as a whole.

In spite of the pandemic, Anna talks about how they have been able to create solutions that help them spread their message to a larger audience. We talked about digital assets and their importance for the future, as well as how she sees charities evolving outside the current panorama. 

You can't miss it! 

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