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5 Workplace Engagement Trends for 2020

Kevin Kerl
Thu, Mar 5, 2020

It’s 2020 and employee engagement is a hot topic. Engagement is what makes a successful company shine with passion, productivity, and profitability.

Here are the biggest trends we’re seeing in employee engagement for 2020 and beyond.

Trend #1: Engagement doesn’t ensure loyalty.

Loyalty is definitely a trending topic because there’s been a major shift in employment longevity since the turn of the century. While it used to be common for someone to stick with a job for 10 or 20 years, today’s average is about 4 years.

Anyone who is millennial-aged or younger will likely change jobs three times more often than older generations. Even the most engaged young workers are probably privately looking around for something better - and that’s perfectly normal.

In response, employers are challenged to offer unique and innovative packages of benefits and perks. They also face pressure to make a positive impact on the world, because a new generation of employees is paying close attention to social responsibility.

Trend #2: It’s important to offer more than money. 

Based on the information we’re seeing in the latest trends, you can’t buy your way into your employees’ hearts. Although everyone wants a big enough paycheck to cover their monthly expenses, engagement is mostly about non-monetary rewards.

In fact, most employees would prefer to have less stress or more time off, rather than a raise. All of the following things tend to be more important than money to a company’s most highly-engaged employees:

  • The company’s mission and goals
  • Positive company culture/atmosphere
  • Whether they feel that their work is meaningful
  • Health and wellness benefits
  • Having a healthy work-life balance
  • Public appreciation and recognition

Trend #3: Flexibility boosts engagement. 

The world’s best companies have very high levels of employee engagement. Here’s something else important about these companies: they also tend to offer flexible schedules that allow their employees to have more freedom and less stress in their lives.

Flexibility shows respect. It tells your employees that you trust them enough not to be constantly peeking over their shoulders and tying them down to a desk. In exchange, they give their engagement and commitment.

This ties in closely to a similar trend toward remote work, which is favored among highly-engaged employees. Remote work allows someone to have a work-life balance that suits their individual lifestyle. Bonus: It’s usually less expensive for the employer, too.

Trend #4: Keep hiring for personality, because it’s working.

One of the biggest trends in the past decade has been hiring for personality fit, and we have some terrific news to share: it’s working. Companies that hire based on personality/culture matches are reaping the rewards of higher engagement.

According to research from the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), as long as the personality testing methods you use aren’t too simplistic, they’re likely to yield high-quality hires and high engagement levels in your company. 

And here’s a tip about hiring for personality: learn from past experiences. If certain personalities tend to thrive at your company, invest in finding those people. You can read more about this hiring method in our ebook, Hiring for Personality.

Trend #5: Employees care about your unique mission.

More than ever, employees care about being personally invested in a company’s mission. Clocking in and out isn’t enough; they want to feel a much deeper connection.

Before accepting a job at a new company, candidates typically take several steps to research it online. At a minimum, they’ll look at one of your social media accounts and quickly scan your website. More curious candidates will also read your “about us” page, any page that mentions your values/mission, and an online review site.

Your most motivated candidates take it a step further, also reading recent news stories about your company and digging through the details of online reviews. There’s even a trend toward candidates bringing up Glassdoor reviews during their interview, quizzing the interviewer themselves about comments they’ve seen.

For these reasons, make sure your mission is evident in everything about your business, from your LinkedIn profile to the recruitment advertisements you place. Give it prominence on your website. Be loud and proud, and you’ll attract and retain people who feel engaged with your mission.

Take Advantage of Trends

What kinds of trends are you seeing in your company in 2020? Are your employees highly engaged, or could your engagement use a boost?

SelectOne is here to help. Take a look at our helpful resources on a variety of trending topics, or contact us today to talk about your company’s needs.

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