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Job Suitability Assessments are a type of personality test designed to measure engagement, motivation, interpersonal skills and retention factors related to specific jobs.


What does it do? Job Suitability reduces subjectivity in the hiring process by providing an objective insight into a candidate’s personality. Using this assessment increases the likelihood of a successful hire from an average of 40-45% to nearer 90-95%.


How is it different? Unlike other assessment tools that tend to provide only data on personality styles, Job Suitability provides a much more accurate prediction of the candidate’s likelihood for success in this position.

Why Job Suitability Assessments Have Changed the Hiring Process

Job Suitability is customizable and takes into account that every position has unique requirements. Each report is calibrated based on one of the 6,500 “Job Success Formulas” that predict the success candidates will have in each role.
The cost of a bad-hire can equal up to 30% of the annual salary of the position. Job Suitability combats this waste of resources by going beyond what a traditional interview can reveal about a candidate.
Reports identify high performers and allow managers to better understand employee behavior, motivators and reactions. Insights like this allow managers to focus on driving their business, rather than decoding behavior.
Most traditional assessments give employers insight into 10 to 15 personality traits. Job Suitability digs deeper into the human psyche mapping out over 175 traits, giving employers a clearer picture of a candidate’s personality.
Job Suitability Assessments include key traits to avoid that can derail performance.

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